Oracle export times wrong exp-00011:table does not exist

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ORACLE11G, when backing up the database with the EXP command, if there is no datagram EXP-00011 error in the table, the corresponding table does not exist. This causes the corresponding empty table to not be backed up.

Cause: 11g Creating a table by default does not allocate segment, which is only produced when data is inserted (and, of course, can be forcibly allocated) to conserve disk space.

For empty table workarounds that already exist:

is to make the empty table has segment.

The first type: You can insert data by the way (do not want these data can be rolled back), as long as there is insert action will be allocated segment;

The second type: Forced distribution: ALTER TABLE TableName ALLOCATE extent;

If you use the second option, you can use the following methods:

1. Find the empty table using the following sentence:

select ' ALTER TABLE ' | | table_name| | ' allocate extent; ' from User_tables where num_rows=0;


2. Export the query results, execute the exported statements;

for tables created later, you can assign segment directly:

Log in to the database with the system account, modify the parameter deferred_segment_creation (11g new). This parameter refers to whether to delay the creation of segment, which is true by default. If you want to assign segment when the table is created, you should modify the parameter to False, which is the alter system set DEFERRED_SEGMENT_CREATION=FALSE. As follows:


Oracle export times wrong exp-00011:table does not exist

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