Oracle streams Practice: How to remove streams replication environment

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Fourth. Clear Streams Replication environment

On the one hand is to facilitate the test environment behind the construction, on the one hand because the 10g streams replication environment is very simple to remove, so this is the last section of this chapter.

To remove the entire replication environment, simply log on to the Streams Administrator account on the source end and execute the dbms_streams_adm.remove_streams_configuration separately, as an example:

Jssweb> Conn Strmadmin/strmadmin


Jssweb > Exec dbms_streams_adm.remove_streams_configuration;

Pl/sql procedure successfully completed

Jssstr> Conn Strmadmin/strmadmin


Jssstr > Exec dbms_streams_adm.remove_streams_configuration;

Pl/sql procedure successfully completed

Then, as required, delete the Streams Administrator account number and the owning table space.

Under normal circumstances, perform dbms_streams_adm. The following actions are remove_streams_configuration:

Deletes all capture processes.

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If there is still a table ready to initialize, pass Dbms_capture_adm. Abort_table_instantiation process aborted.

If a schema is still ready to initialize, pass Dbms_capture_adm. Abort_schema_instantiation process aborted.

If the database is still preparing to initialize, pass Dbms_capture_adm. Abort_global_instantiation process aborted.

Delete the propagation process (the propagation created by the DBMS_AQADM package will not be deleted), and the propagation task will be banned before it is deleted.

All propagation tasks are prohibited.

Deletes all the apply processes. If there are application errors in the apply process, these application errors are first removed before the apply process is deleted.

Deletes the DDL handlers for the apply process, although the pl/sql procedure for handlers is not deleted.

Delete the message handlers for the apply process, and the pl/sql procedure used for handlers is not deleted.

Delete the Precommit handlers for the apply process and the Pl/sql procedure for handlers will not be deleted.

Deletes all application objects, schema instantiation SCN and ignore SCN.

Delete a message client

Resets the use of Dbms_streams_adm. Set_message_notification Set Message Notification specifications

Removing the DML handlers and error handlers, the Pl/sql procedure for handlers is not deleted.

Deletes update conflict handlers.

Deletes the substitute key columns for the Apply tables.

Deletes the rule set created by Dbms_streams_adm. However, the rule set created by Dbms_rule_adm will not be deleted.


These processes are first stopped before the delete capture/apply process is executed. The remove_streams_configuration procedure can be executed repeatedly (whether or not it succeeds) and, if an error is performed, it can be rerun after the cause of the error is resolved

The process.

In addition, sometimes direct execution remove_streams_configuration will be an error, this time can try to pass Dbms_capture_adm/dbms_propagation_adm/dbms_apply_ ADM manually stops and deletes capture/propagation/application processes.

Then execute the remove_streams_configuration process.

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