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<! Element (parameter *)>

<! ATTLIST key

Sequence CDATA # required

Schemeid CDATA # required

Contextid CDATA "org. Eclipse. UI. contexts. Window"

Commandid CDATA # implied

Platform CDATA # implied

Locale CDATA # implied>



A binding between some keyboard input and the triggering of a command.



  • Sequence-

    The key sequence for this binding. this key sequence shocould consist of one or more key strokes. key Strokes are separated by spaces. key Strokes consist of one or more keys held down at the same time. this shoshould be zero or more modifier keys, and one other key. the keys are separated by+Character.

    The recognized modifiers keys areM1,M2,M3,M4,ALT,COMMAND,CTRL, AndSHIFT. The "M" modifier keys are a platform-independent way of representing keys, and these are generally preferred.M1IsCOMMANDKey on MacOS X, andCTRLKey on most other platforms.M2IsSHIFTKey.M3IsOptionKey on MacOS X, andALTKey on most other platforms.M4IsCTRLKey on MacOS X, and is undefined on other platforms.

    The actual key is generally specified simply as the ASCII character, in uppercase. So, for exampleFOr,Are examples of such keys. However, there are some special keys; keys that have no printable ASCII representation. The following is a list of the current special keys:ARROW_DOWN,ARROW_LEFT,ARROW_RIGHT,ARROW_UP,BREAK,BS,CAPS_LOCK,CR,DEL,END,ESC,F1,F2,F3,F4,F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12,F13,F14,F15,FF,HOME,INSERT,LF,NUL,NUM_LOCK,NUMPAD_0,NUMPAD_1,NUMPAD_2,NUMPAD_3,NUMPAD_4,NUMPAD_5,NUMPAD_6,NUMPAD_7,NUMPAD_8,NUMPAD_9,NUMPAD_ADD,NUMPAD_DECIMAL,NUMPAD_DIVIDE,NUMPAD_ENTER,NUMPAD_EQUAL,NUMPAD_MULTIPLY,NUMPAD_SUBTRACT,PAGE_UP,PAGE_DOWN,PAUSE,PRINT_SCREEN,SCROLL_LOCK,SPACE,TABAndVT.

    We also understand some alternative names for some common special keys. For example, we accept bothESCAndESCAPE, AndCR,ENTERAndRETURNAre all the same.

    It is also stronugly recommended that you keep the key sequences short. one or two is the most you shoshould need. use contexts to give key sequences different meanings in different parts of your application. at the very most, you shocould not use any key sequence that contains more than four key strokes.

  • Schemeid-The identifier of the scheme in which this key binding is active.
  • Contextid-The identifier of the context in which this key binding is active. Please seeorg.eclipse.ui.contextsExtension point. If this is not specified, then it defaultsorg.eclipse.ui.contexts.window.
  • Commandid-

    The identifier of the command which shocould be executed when this binding is triggered.

    If no command identifier is specified, this is a deletion marker. this means that any binding in the same context with the same sequence, platform and locale will become inactive when this binding becomes active. if the platform or locale on a deletion is not specified, then it matches any platform or locale.

  • Platform-The platform on which this binding applies. The platform shocould be specified in the same way as the string fromSWT.getPlatform(). For example, the following strings are considered valid:win32,gtk,motif,carbonAndphoton.
  • Locale-The locale on which this bindings applies. This is useful for changing bindings that conflict with locale-specific Input Method Editors (IMES). The Locale is specified in the same wayLocale.toString(). For example,"en"Or"en_CA"Are both understood.

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