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I. First, let's talk about learning books:

1. OC tutorial

The content of this book is really not much. It may have been completed by a friend of C and OOP language basics within 1-2 hours. It is estimated that this book may be intended for beginners.

However, you can start with the grapefruit classic that is most admired.

2. iPhone development tutorial

This book, SDK entry, is it the same as above, grapefruit. Let's start with a classic copy.

Basic controls, graphics, cameras, gestures, positioning, and so on (I haven't finished watching it yet ).

However, if we learn this kind of mobile operations in the same way after learning Android, we feel that there is still less multimedia,

More information about multiple systems and APIs (such as phone calls and text messages) may be the one I haven't seen yet ~).

Multithreading, network, etc.

2. developer forums and data sites

1. basically classify him as common class as EOE.

2. this does not explain, good English can remove CN, but at present I still use less, official documents and guidelines

3. some commonly used custom controls and other source code, not bad

4. seems to have changed ~~

5. cocoa previous Resource Index

Iii. Videos and tutorials

1. a lot, is not clear

2. I first retrieved by Baidu. Some teaching videos provided by training institutions.

3. Stanford University Open Class, more, have time can look.

IV. Other materials

1. relatively small, a little interesting blog

2., OC and iPhone tutorials

3. Attach the Training Courseware provided by the friend mentioned last time

The courseware is an outline. The specific content should be learned by yourself. I had learned about it for a week and found that it was not very useful,

However, the overall planning is still good.

Note that it is a courseware. If you have been studying for more than one week, you can skip it for fear of your contempt.


4. An active iOS development group 36041101

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