[Original] Microsoft's written test experience and written test experience

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[Original] Microsoft's written test experience and written test experience

I have received several emails from my friends who will attend Microsoft's written test on the 16 th and want to provide some suggestions. In fact, I have a limited level and I should say that I have little experience. However, I also want to take this opportunity to review it. After all, it's a year before I went to the test. Of course, my experience is very limited. I can only provide some information for your reference. I will try my best to recall and summarize it, but please make your own decisions. After all, it has been a year before.

My answers are divided into two parts: the first part is the specific question of the written examination, and the second part is the written examination attitude.




Test Questions



1. What are the questions for the interview? Is the test time of two and a half hours sufficient? Is there a time limit for each question?



First, make a written test.



The number of questions in the written examination will be relatively large. Don't go back to some of our university's exams, just as simple as finishing them. After all, the purpose of the written test is to screen talents and learn about you through these questions, instead of exam-oriented education. Therefore, it is good to finish all the questions on time. Don't count on anything else. Therefore, you need to consider how to allocate your own time. The more you don't customize, the better, and the correct rate.

The objective of a pen exam is that it is difficult and takes a lot of time for each question. Therefore, we should clarify the concept of one o'clock and avoid excessive entanglement in a certain question.

There is no fixed time for each question, and all the time is counted together. It is the same as our usual exams, but we still need to have a general idea. A perfect question can only be a question score.

2. Which of the following aspects are involved in the test? C, C ++, and data structure? I am not a computer professional, just like you. I want to take this test for two days. What about the books?



Microsoft does not care whether you are learning computer or not. It will give you a test opportunity. However, the subjects of the written examination are the same. That is to say, Microsoft treats all professionals in a unified manner. This is good, but it also has disadvantages. You may not be able to use some professional skills, but you cannot.

Microsoft focuses on the following categories:

● Technical Basis

The main topics in this area are C, C ++, and data structures, which are frequently seen. Although Microsoft will say that you can implement it in any language you are familiar with, there are some things, especially at the bottom layer, in general, people who are familiar with other high-level languages such as java and C # will certainly ignore it. Therefore, C, C ++ and data structures are still the foundation. However, Microsoft's questions are never easy to complete. How to Write perfect, How to Write high efficiency, How to Write errors may be less, these are what they pursue. People who have been in school for a long time may develop the habit of having to implement functions only. But in the company, we are concerned about various factors. A good software is not just as simple as simply implementing functions.

● Intellectual questions

I have mentioned a lot on the Internet, but I am not very good at it. This question has some weight, but not all. I feel more helpful, but not very useful. People should not only expect intelligence to live, but also focus more on what we can do.

● English

English is an absolutely important thing for large companies or foreign companies. Especially for companies like Microsoft, because the objects you need to communicate with may be foreigners, you are required to have a high level of English. In particular, Microsoft not only requires reading ability, but also writing ability.

All the questions in the written test are basically described in English, except for some intellectual questions, it is really difficult to describe them in English. Most of the previous questions can be answered in Chinese. Finally, you have two questions that require you to answer in English, which is to test your English writing ability.

● Ideas

This type of question is to give you a question and let you talk about your opinion. The question may be more flexible and profound. You may be able to talk about it, but you cannot find a clue. I believe that Microsoft's goal is to combine with the previous selection and question filling. I hope to fully examine a person. If you have not answered your questions, you must answer them carefully. The problem is that you must describe your ideas in English. It depends on your skills.

3. Are all English questions required?



See above.

4. What is the ratio of various types of questions? How to answer questions is more time-saving. Hey hey, I have to ask your test experience.



I can't remember the proportion clearly. I should have a general idea after carefully reading the above description. The main part is the technical foundation and intellectual questions. The full text of this article is illustrated in English. The question will be followed by an embellishment, but the score also has a certain amount of weight.

I will not answer the examination skills. The exam is just a test of you. If you don't need any skills, just express yourself. The only thing to be reminded of is that you must have a general picture of how to do things, and do not miss the big picture.]




I have some suggestions on how to prepare these two days.



Because both intelligence and English are the work of ordinary times, they cannot attack. Don't worry. If you have time, you need to clarify some basic concepts that are easy to blur. Many of Microsoft's questions have been carefully considered. They are all observing these things, but turning around. If your mind turns around, but at last you find yourself confused about these basic concepts, you will be depressed. Believe me, I am suffering from this loss.




Written Test attitude



The year before graduation to the first year after graduation may be the biggest change for most people. The biggest change is not the geographical location or the living environment, but the social role. You have changed from a consumer to a producer. Your Pockets start to have an income, and there is a temptation in front of you, with more responsibilities on your shoulders.

Microsoft's written examination started very early, basically in the first batch. Last year, I started my job search process here. Looking back at my first resume, that is, the one I sent to Microsoft, is really naive.

Before we started, we were very naive. Some ideas were not mature, but they were absolute. At that time, I thought of Microsoft as my dream. It was a very urgent dream. But in fact, the factors that determine life and work are not only the word "Microsoft". It is good to have a dream, but it cannot be absolute.

Microsoft's written examination is the second stage of haopuan. There are also many people who participate in the examination, and many people will be eliminated, just like me. Therefore, you must maintain a correct and normal attitude, focus on the process, and gain gains and experiences, which is enough for your review.

I also met a friend who passed the written test but was eliminated at noon on the interview day. He has now gone to yonyou, a great company and a great person.

So don't let the written test disrupt your life. There is no need for special preparation. I know about the university exams. one month in advance, more than enough. But this is not the case in my life. My current work experience and Microsoft's written examination experience come from what I usually stick.




Another friend said that he is now taking a postgraduate entrance exam and asked how to weigh the weight.

In fact, I think that if you take the test with a normal attitude, you will be well done, and there are not many such experiences. However, the real problem is that you cannot decide whether to take a job or take a postgraduate entrance exam. There may be many factors that make you unable to decide what to choose. However, I suggest you select one or force yourself to select one. No matter which one you choose, it is much better than you can't decide. And life is not so absolute. It doesn't mean that if you select the right one, you will succeed. If you do, you will fail. Apart from the fact that your parents lied to you, they said they couldn't get into college. Actually not. What if you try to make a mistake now? There are many opportunities, not to mention mistakes.

Many people who are working now may lament that they cannot think of software. A lot of people come over and don't know or like it.

What is happiness?

Know what you like and what you love.









The last few words are summarized:



● Focus on basics and fundamentals.



● Focus on the whole, global view, and long-term vision.



● Simple, flexible, and responsive.



● Perseverance and perfection



I wish you all the gains you have made in this journey.

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