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I spent two weeks investigating some of the current debugging methods of PHP. Many knowledge points may be relatively basic and the content is a bit lengthy. I 'd like to pick what I want to read. The things are relatively basic, please give your suggestions and I will continue to upgrade and improve. In the middle of the process, I would like to thank the snow migratory birds for their help.


PHP debugging Technical ManualIt is an experiment and a summary of various popular PHP debugging technologies. All debugging methods are explained on the basis of easy deployment and implementation, we also hope to help PHP developers to summarize and use a system debugging method.


PDF Version Download: Http://heiyeluren-doc.googlecode.com/files/PHP-Debug-Manual-public.pdf

PDF online reading:Http://wenku.baidu.com/view/3e40752fb4daa58da0114a66.html







1 Built-in API output debugging

1.1 Basic Debugging API

1.1.1 echo (print ):

1.1.2 printf

1.1.3 print_r, var_dump (var_export), debug_zval_dump

1.2 debugging of Error Control and logging

1.2.1 error Option Control

1.2.2 error throw and handling

1.2.3 use error blocker

1.2.4 log records

2 browser debugging

2.1 page output debugging

2.2 firephp debugging

2.2.1 common variable monitoring

2.2.2 call stack monitoring

2.2.3 monitoring throws an exception

2.2.4 group display information

3 ide debugging

3.1 Introduction to commonly used ides

3.1.1 Vim

3.1.2 Zend Studio

3.1.3 eclipse

3.1.4 netbeans

3.2 ide debugging

3.2.1 Zend studio + Zend Debugger

3.2.2 eclipse (PDT) + xdebug

3.2.3 VIM + xdebug + dbgp

4. php performance debugging technology

4.1 Basic time occupation monitoring

4.2 Use xdebug for Performance Analysis

4.2.1 Installation and Configuration:

4.3 APD (Advanced PHP debugger)

4.3.1 installation and configuration

4.3.2 Use APD

4.4 use xhprof for Performance Analysis

4.4.1 advantages of xhprof:

5 PHP Unit Testing Technology

5.1 phpunit








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