overclocking Requirements for computer hardware other than CPU

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Overclocking is now usually used to improve the FSB method. The improvement of FSB may cause a series of related equipment working conditions to change, so in the overclocking we have to the whole system of the overclocking ability to consider comprehensively.

The ① motherboard has a frequency to choose from. We know that the frequency is generated by the clock chip on the motherboard. The FSB of the motherboard is important for the success of Overclocking, and the transition frequencies such as 9omhz/95mhz/lo3mhz/1iomhz/117mhz are sometimes important for maximizing the CPU's potential. We also pay attention to the motherboard's handling of PCI and AGP frequencies, as many devices may strike at high frequencies due to excessive frequency. Many motherboards now have PCI frequencies that can be selected between 1/2 or 1/3 of the bus frequency, while the AGP frequency can be either synchronized with the bus frequency or 2/3, and some even offer a four-frequency choice. This can make the system bus frequency increase, the frequency of PCI,AGP or change little, so as to the normal work of various devices provided the conditions.

② memory. Memory plays a very important role in overclocking success. For systems using SDRAM, the memory must be a high quality memory that conforms to the pc1o0 or PC133 standard if the system is to work above the FSB of 100Hz. 1OOMHz and 133MHz frequency corresponding to the Lons and 7ns access time, in the purchase of memory should pay attention to the Board on whether the handwriting is clear, the circuit board is six or eight layers. In addition to the special attention to the memory of whether there is an SPD EEPROM, because there is no SPD EEPROM SDRAM must not belong to Pc1oo SDRAM. In the purchase of the proposal to buy brand-name manufacturers of products, because the brand-name manufacturers of memory in quality and performance to leave greater room, so overclocking use of the success rate is also higher. For systems using DDR SDRAM, many motherboards provide the option of locking the memory frequency, which can be set according to the specification of the motherboard.

③AGP video card when overclocking, for the formal support of the 133 FSB motherboard, may not be a problem, because the AGP frequency of the bus frequency of 1/2, that is, 66MHz. But for BX motherboard, such as the old motherboard, although also can provide 133MHz of FSB, but it does not provide AGP of the two-frequency technology, which to the graphics card in the high frequency of the stability of the work is a test. In addition, the card's onboard memory access speed should also be considered, such as the quality of video memory is not good, keep up with the speed of memory, will appear flower screen phenomenon.

④ the hard drive. Because the IDE frequency and the PCI frequency synchronization, therefore uses the 75MHz, 83mhz,112mhz, 124MHz, 133MHz and so on frequency overclocking, the hard disk may work in the high frequency, the overclocking performance poor hard disk at this time will appear reads and writes the error, cannot start and so on failure. It could even burn down because of high loads.

⑤ heat dissipation. Overclocking is bound to cause the CPU temperature increase, the CPU heat dissipation problem must cause us to pay attention to, heat dissipation is conducive to the improvement of system stability. High-power fans and large heat sinks are now widely used. When installing the heat sink we should pay attention to evenly apply thermal grease between the CPU and the heatsink, which allows the air to drain away between the heatsink and the CPU top cover. Make the bond more tightly. Apply a thin layer on the top of the CPU and the bottom surface of the heat sink, and the better the book.

At the same time should pay attention to after overclocking, in addition to the CPU to install cooling equipment, but also pay attention to display chip cooling problem, because the display chip is also a large power consumption, it's too high temperature will cause a flower screen or panic.

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