Overview of shortcuts for Android Studio and for android

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Overview of shortcuts for Android Studio and for android

After switching from eclipse to android studio, the shortcut keys used for coding are different, which is difficult to adapt to at the moment. Of course, you can set the shortcut key template to be the same as that of eclipse, however, I personally disagree, because there are still some shortcut keys in Android Studio that are not available in eclipse, so I am still familiar with the shortcut keys in Android Studio through projects.

For more information, see http://wuyudong.com/2016/10/06/2822.html.

Here are some common shortcut keys for Android Studio:

Shortcut Key Function
Alt + Enter Import packages, classes, domains, type conversion, etc.
Ctrl + Alt + L Format code
Ctrl + Alt + O Optimized imported packages and Classes
Alt + Insert Insert Code (such as the get/set Method)
Ctrl + E or Alt + Shift + C View recently changed code
Ctrl + F Search Text
Ctrl + Shift + Space Automatic completion code
Ctrl + Shift + U Switch between uppercase and lowercase characters
Ctrl + Space Code prompt
Ctrl + P Method parameter prompt
Ctrl + X Cut a single row
Ctrl + D Copy selected
Ctrl +/or Ctrl + Shift +/ Add Comment
Ctrl + J Automatic Code
Ctrl + E Recently opened document
Ctrl + Q Show annotation document
Ctrl + Shift + Up/Down Mobile Code
Ctrl + W Rotate code
Ctrl + [/] Jump to the beginning and end of brackets
Ctrl + Alt + T Add the code to a try/catch statement, for example.
Ctrl + O Select a method that can be rewritten

If you have any shortcut keys not listed in the text, please leave a message to add ^_^.

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