Personal views on the difference between software engineering and computer science

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The core courses of software engineering are mainly related to the development of softwares, such as software requirement analysis, UML modeling language, software architecture, software project management, software testing and so on. In contrast, the course of professional science is more of the breath of science and technology courses, among which software does not include: assembly language, digital circuit and logic design, computer architecture, computer interface, ARM system and programming technology, embedded project analysis and design technology.

Computer science involves a wide range of aspects, and software engineering is an essential part of it, due to the computer industry accounted for a large proportion, many colleges and universities are on the basis of a professional computer science software engineering independent of the professional, to independently cultivate the characteristics of software engineering; the computer is more inclined to theory, and involves more hardware, Training is generally engaged in research personnel, and the software is more in favor of hands-on and the actual, and the combination of more closely with the enterprise, the basic hardware is not involved, training is generally senior developers, and some are doing software engineering management, in short, is proficient in soft ware, software engineering major emphasis on application and practice! Software engineering focuses on projects, the process of doing projects, and these practical learning processes are more useful than many theoretical knowledge. Relative to software engineering, computer science is concerned with teaching theoretical knowledge, and involves hardware and a lot of knowledge combined with other disciplines, and based on relatively deep mathematics, such as combinatorial mathematics, discrete mathematics, abstract logic, etc., optimization methods, graph theory and numerical analysis.

Personal views on the difference between software engineering and computer science

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