Personalized computer 3D desktop software selection scheme

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With the development of computer desktop personalization, computer 3D desktop software is more and more popular among young people. Computer 3D desktop software represents the development trend of the future desktop technology, MAC, Gnu/linux and other operating systems have developed their own computer 3D desktop technology, and integrate him into their latest release version. The following product network for you to collect a number of personalized computer 3D desktop softwareSelect a scenario:
1, bumptop cool computer 3D Desktop
(1) The biggest feature: 3D stereoscopic space, design style partial clean and concise type, the icon has the deformation stretching, the visual reading sex is comparatively poor. The mouse can arbitrarily go to the box icon function and different from Microsoft's right-click Round menu is also two small highlights.
(2) Right-click to sort the stack by file type, double-tap to expand the folder.
(3) Double-click the image to appear space conversion and lens zoom effect, very cool, but not suitable for long-time use.

2. Ubuntu Computer 3D Desktop
Ubuntu's windows operations are very impressive. Features exceptional 3D effects. A soft, drag-and-drop window that will deform. Wonderful cube desktop rotation. Super Bright flame word ... It's easy to implement without the need for high-end hardware support. Let you enjoy 3D desktop effects that are more beautiful than any other operating system. In addition to the 3D effect of Ubuntu break the conventional have to see not practical point of view, Ubuntu 3D set shortcut keys can quickly make desktop switch, preview the global, display desktop and many other daily operations only in the mouse shaking. Ubuntu's 3D desktop is largely maintained by software such as Compiz.

3, spacetop computer 3D desktop
Based on an internship at Microsoft's Applied Sciences department and a study at MIT, Lee Jinha has developed a new digital 3D environment spacetop that helps users "get into" the inside of a computer screen to manipulate Web pages, documents and videos in a way that manipulates real-world objects. Gestures also enable more complex functions. The system uses a transparent LED display and is equipped with a system of two cameras. One camera is used to track user gestures, while the other is used to track the user's eyeballs and to adjust the projection angle according to the user's gaze.
Lee Jinha's spacetop combines gesture control with a 3D interface, a very clever combination that will be more common in the future. Lee Jinha says Spacetop and Zeron represent a trend in which we can grab the interface by hand. People seem to prefer to collaborate through physical interfaces, such as using maps and whiteboards. People also like to interact in a variety of ways, such as taking notes or highlighting points when reading a book.

Above is Personalized Computer 3D desktop software selection scheme, the current people's response to the stereoscopic display technology is derived from the pursuit of realistic display, just as the display technology from black and white to color, the development of color display from pseudo-color to True color, followed by the pursuit of high-definition display. In the future, 3D will be a color-like standard factor into all aspects of the display field, and on this basis to produce new applications. If you need a computer 3D desktop software development, welcome to a product network to publish mission requirements, here are many desktop software development talent to provide you with creative solutions.
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