Php code for deleting html tags and html tags in strings

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Php code for deleting html tags and html tags in strings
This article introduces how to delete html tags in php and the two examples of html tags in strings. For more information, see.

1. the example of deleting html tags uses the php string processing function strip_tags.

     "); // Clear the html format using the built-in functions of php. Keep the P tag $ str = preg_replace ("/\ t/", "", $ str); // use the regular expression to match the content to be replaced, such as space, line feed, and replace with null. $ Str = preg_replace ("/\ r \ n/", "", $ str); $ str = preg_replace ("/\ r/", "", $ str ); $ str = preg_replace ("/\ n/", "", $ str); $ str = preg_replace ("//", "", $ str ); $ str = preg_replace ("//", "", $ str); // matches the space return trim ($ str) in html ); // returns a string} // by>

2. the Function for deleting HTML tags in a string sometimes disables html tags when content is submitted on the page. the following functions can implement this function:

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