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01-html Introduction and head tags

Main content Web standards Browser Introduction Introduction to Development tools HTML Introduction HTML Color Introduction HTML specification HTML structure Detailed First, web standardsWeb Preparation

Web Front end--html introduction and head tags

Web Standard World: WWW alliance organization, used to develop web standards for the Organization (organization) Web standards: The production of Web pages follow the specification of the classification of the Web: structural standards, performance

Common Html tags and common Html tags

Common Html tags and common Html tags HTML is the carrier of webpage content. The content is the information that the webpage maker places on the page to allow users to browse, including text, images, and videos. Html tags are combined into a

HP automatically checks if HTML tags are closed

functionHtmlclose ($body) { $strlen _var=strlen($body); //does not contain HTML tags if(Strpos($body, ' false) { return $body; } //HTML code Markup $html _tag= 0; //Digest String $summary _string= ' '; /** * Arrays are used as

is the HTML tbody tag a block-level element? Basic usage of HTML tbody tags

This article mainly introduces the HTML tbody tag is not block-level elements, as well as the basic use of HTML tbody tags, and then let's look at this article about HTML tbody tags First we need to know what block-level elements and inline

Script tags and access to HTML page _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: IE output: Firefox: Copy Code code as follows: Copy Code code as follows: Untitled Page Script tag and Access HTML page Script label The script tag is used to

HTML tags and semantic understanding of Web pages

Recently re-read the knowledge of HTML tags, there are many new experience, on the meaning of a new understanding.So what is called semantic, the popular point is: understand the purpose of each label (in which case the use of this label is

How C # Clears HTML tags in strings ...

Because of the use of an editor, so that the data stored in the database will be mixed with some HTML tags, then the exported data will appear some different HTML tags. Seriously affect the user's visual experience (the main oneself can not see down)

I love Mule: Talking about the pros and cons of tags

Tags are tags, can be very convenient to classify information classification, form and site of the topic is the same, but more convenient than the topic. At present, the General CMS, blog system has tags, tags can enhance the chain, improve the

The meaning of meta tags in html

Meta name KeywordsMeta is an accessible tag in the head area of the HTML language. In almost all pages, we can see HTML code similar to the following:Maybe you think the code is dispensable. In fact, if you can use good meta tags, will bring you

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