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In PHP, the double colon: is used, and the php colon is used. PHP double colon: usage, php colon usage a few days ago in Baidu know that someone asked PHP double colon: usage, at that time, his answer was concise, because mobile phone typing was not very convenient. in PHP, double colons: And php colons were used.

A few days ago, I saw someone asking for the use of double colons: In PHP in Baidu. at that time, the answer I gave him was concise because mobile phone typing was not very convenient! Today I suddenly remembered, so here I will summarize the double colons I encountered: usage in PHP!

Class test {static public $ a; static public function B (){}}

If you want to call the static attribute $ a, as shown below:


Note that a must be preceded by the $ symbol, which is different from the-> symbol!

If you want to call static method B


2. when you call attributes or methods of your own class or parent class

First, create a parent class

class test {    public function b() {}}

Create a subclass to inherit the parent class

class tests extends test {    public function cs() {}}

When we need to call Method B of the parent class

When we need to call our own method cs, there are two methods

I have encountered the above two situations. if you have any other situations, please come to Wang yelou's personal blog to add them!

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Baidu saw someone asking for double colon: In PHP in Baidu a few days ago. at that time, his answer was concise because mobile phone typing was not very convenient...

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