php+ Sina Micro Bo open platform + Sina Cloud Platform (SAE) to develop the application of micro-Bo Foundation

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1, Sina microblogging open platform (Http://

What is open: Open platforms open to developers is the user relationship of each user, the developer is not to the traditional application of the face of a single developer but face the entire circle of friends behind the user. Each API revolves around friends and friends to provide related functions, such as sending microblogging, viewing friend information, and so on.

Why use an open platform? The open platform can accelerate the popularization of the application. Each user can affect the surrounding friends, once the application is really excellent, users can easily recommend to friends, friends can be recommended to his friends. Open platforms make user relationships easier to access. When the application involves the user communication, it is necessary to have a certain user group and user relationship chain, and the establishment of such a number of users of the relationship chain requires a lot of time and effort. Weibo through the grassroots and grassroots, grassroots and stars, stars and stars of mutual attention, forming a huge social network, applications can be directly through the open platform to use the network.

2, Sina Cloud Platform (APPENGINE,SAE)

Sina App Engine (SAE) is the first public cloud computing platform (http://), which was developed in-house in August 2009, and officially launched the initial alpha version on November 3, 2009., SAE is the core component of Sina's cloud computing strategy.

SAE as a domestic public cloud computing, from the beginning of development to absorb Google, Amazon and other foreign companies of the successful technical experience of public cloud computing, and soon launched a different from their own characteristics of the cloud computing platform. SAE selection in the most popular web development language PHP as the preferred support language, Web developers can be linux/mac/windows on the SVN, SDK or Web version of the online Code Editor for development, deployment, debugging, team development can also be a member collaboration, Different roles have different permissions for the code, the project, and the SAE provides a range of distributed computing, storage services for developers to use, including Distributed file storage, distributed database clustering, distributed caching, distributed timing services, and so on, which will significantly reduce developer costs. At the same time, because of the high reliability of SAE's overall architecture and the brand guarantee of Sina, the operation risk of the developer is greatly reduced. In addition, as a typical cloud computing, the SAE uses the billing concept "paid for, paid for," and calculates the resource consumption (CPU, memory, disk, etc.) of each application accurately through the journal and Statistical Center.

In short, the SAE is a simple and efficient distributed Web services development, operating platform.

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3. The relationship between Sina Cloud platform and Sina Weibo open platform (APPENGINE,SAE)

Once the microblogging application is successfully developed, the code needs to be deployed to the web for use. In other words, Weibo application development is written by invoking API completion programs in the Sina Weibo open platform, which are uploaded to the SAE and run on the SAE.

During the development process, you can build a Web server to run the program locally, or you can choose the traditional service hosting. However, these two scenarios require a lot of cumbersome configuration.

Deploying code directly into the SAE in development requires no configuration, even more services that may be used in the future are already ready for you by the SAE, and we can go straight to the theme--to develop the microblogging application.

It is also important that the SAE is free (at least as a resource needed for personal learning).

When you are familiar with the SAE, you will learn more about "cloud services".

4, why to use PHP to develop micro-blog applications

The Sina Weibo open development platform provides support for multiple languages and platforms such as Java, Php,flash,python,javascript,android, and iOS, enabling applications on the Web and developing applications on mobile devices. There is considerable scope for developers to choose freely.

You may not want to use PHP to develop your development goals, and you don't even have the idea to learn PHP. If so, read the brochure and try to use PHP to make the application work, just as a learning process. In this process, you will understand the general process, as well as a lot of experience difficult to understand the concept.

If you are going to learn to use PHP to develop, more congratulations to you, we start together. In fact, to learn this trick, a lot of job opportunities to find.

Most crucially, the SAE programming language is PHP. In order to be able to quickly start to do Micro Bo development, first use PHP is necessary.

5. Basic knowledge

Need to know the C/s structure and/b structure.

Need to know client script and server-side script.

Students of more than a freshman should know.

Need to have a Weibo account. It should be impossible to develop micro-blogging applications without having played Weibo. It's better to be able to enjoy Weibo first, and make a good application that will give you a sense of accomplishment. The idea of playing will make you always take questions to learn.

As for PHP, you need to understand its general syntax. If you've had other programming experiences in other languages, like me, spend half the morning flipping through a random textbook. If there is something in the following program that does not understand, then read the book to understand the line. It would be better if you had more preparation in advance.

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