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Here the PHP site background template system is mainly used in public institutions. Public institution system mainly refers to the government, schools, hospitals this type of Web site system, the need to build institutions system can choose the universal station system; PHP site template system has a visual management and modular Web site functions of the site management software. Visual mouse drag typesetting, free insertion, drag and stack plug-ins, WYSIWYG, so that the production of web sites like building blocks as convenient and easy to play; a variety of plug-ins, borders, menus can be flexible combination and arbitrary placement, so that you get rid of the shackles of the page frame, enjoy the creative fun; flexible management and membership rights configuration, Powerful interactive function of the website, so that you DIY production of the site no less than the professional development; Modular web site features, a variety of professional functional modules for your selection, can be used in accordance with the needs of loading and unloading module, you can use for simple government, schools, hospital sites, but also for the development of a variety of professional websites, you build a good helper site!

Functional characteristics

One, the visual mouse drag typesetting can easily insert plug-ins in the Web page, drag and drop positioning and change the size of the plug-in, flexible settings plug-in border style and plug-in display parameters, flexible settings of the Web page background, Web page layout completely visible, WYSIWYG, so that the site is made as easy as building blocks as easy to play;

Second, plug-ins, borders, menus and flexible combination of site and any positioning of the front desk features plug-ins, you can insert and flexible settings display rules. Plug-in style template, plug-in border template can be set up individually, flexible combination and arbitrary positioning, can be inserted in multiple sets of navigation menu, menu content and style separation, you can choose different navigation menu type, menu style and color, flexible combination and arbitrary positioning. Site no longer adhere to the design of a good layout template, so that you get rid of the shackles of the layout framework, enjoy the creative fun;

Third, the background layout and plug-in typesetting program allows the site to make more efficient site background layout and plug-in typesetting can save the program, and in other pages to apply the scheme, so that the page style replication simpler, more efficient site production

Four, the SOFTWARE function module, installs the uninstall more convenient modular website function, more than 10 kinds of commonly used website module and the unceasing increase specialized function module for you to choose, may according to need installs the loading and unloading module, can produce the simple enterprise to display the website, but may produce each kind of specialized website

Five, the Governmental Affairs Module function Government module is suitable for the township governmental organization to create the local portal website, uses in the propaganda local resources, realizes the government affairs to be open, promotes the township basic level informationization construction. The adoption of a special template for the township Government portal has enhanced the pertinence and ease of use of the system. In addition to the article system, graphics and text system, download system, community communication, feedback form, user zone and other basic modules and a series of auxiliary functions, but also specifically developed by Category control article publishing permissions, video Publishing, classification link navigation, leadership mailbox and other government portal dedicated functions, users can also create and modify the column according to their own characteristics.

Vi. School Module functions

School modules for the creation of secondary schools, colleges and universities website, it has preset the school introduction, the campus news, the campus scenery, the education teaching, the party building garden, the resources downloading, the student world, the interactive exchange and so on school website commonly used more than 20 columns and the test data, uses suits the School website Special Edition, enhanced the system pertinence and the The system has the article, the text, the downloading, the community, the form, the user and so on basic system module and a series of website auxiliary function, the user may also according to own characteristic arbitrary creation and the modification column as well as installs some necessary auxiliary function and so on.

Seven, the flexible Management Authority and the member authority configuration has dozens of kinds of subdivision Member permission project, you can configure the default permissions according to the type of membership, you can also configure the individual member's permissions, and you can configure the user's posting rights and moderators ' administrative rights according to the classification. The background can set up more than one administrator, free to configure various administrative rights.

Technical superiority

1. Preset column content, interface luxury--Preset channel column, classification and test data, a large number of recommendations and advertising, interface luxury

2. Visual template Engine--using visual model engine, template modification intuitive and flexible, template plug-in through the background visual interface to choose Settings. To meet the user's personalized build station needs. Powerful mouse Drag typesetting function, you can adjust the layout of the Web site, flexible settings plug-in display, Web site management and maintenance more convenient and efficient.

3. Multi-language Support-independent language pack, Support UTF-8 International Universal Code, can be used to customize the website of various languages

4. Create channels arbitrarily-create channel columns, modify column parameters, different columns can be set to use a different template.

5. Full-station content plug-in flexible call-a large number of content plug-ins can be invoked, inserted into any page, to achieve the content between the channels interspersed, and can be linked through the topic.

6. The powerful content management function--backstage each channel has the complete content management function which has the classification retrieval, the search, the custom sorting way, the batch processing, the transfer column and the category and so on.

7. The powerful load function--the system uses the MVC architecture development, realizes the function division of the web system. Program Open Source, Cross-platform

8. Website program, support a variety of platforms, can run in Linux/freebsd/unix and Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008, and other operating system environment, when the purchase of open source package, but also user-friendly for two times development, and the site system with some community compatibility good , this can improve the user's active degree and stickiness, thereby increasing the user's access volume.

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