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The best use of a game is that it may guide our real life, or help us get a better life. Maybe you don't believe it, but the story in the article has actually happened, and it is so normal.

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When I got older, I found that foreign languages were really useful. At noon one day, I took a nap. My friend sent me a word "RELEX ". I have never looked back for a long time. After all, I haven't had any substantive dealings with engliash in almost ten years. After asking for help from Baidu and Google, I did not get any results. After thinking about it for nearly one noon, I suddenly realized that it may be a misspelled "relax" (relax ), again, it's time to get up ......

I don't know why, because of this, my mind has come up with a history of the college age. At that time, a roommate was very fond of playing games and spent almost every night on a computer license. As a result, he not only scored at the bottom of the class, but also scored a very miserable score for CET4. You know, before and after the new century, the graduation certificate of many colleges and universities is linked to the English level 4 certificate and sports score. To put an aside, because I attended a Normal University, my diploma is also linked to a Mandarin certificate, and students who did not pass level 2 A will not receive a diploma. To this end, many people on campus in the early morning can always see the "throttling", which became a landscape of those years.

However, my roommate continues to indulge in games and shows no evidence of hard work. Unexpectedly, he passed the second CET4 test with a high score. Looking at our strange look, He unreservedly revealed the secret-he had been playing "The Gate of Bode" and "Football Manager" that year, and the two games were both in English version, you cannot play games without understanding the story. In order to play a good game, he enters the computer room with a thick Oxford dictionary every day. After the game is cleared, his English skills have miraculously improved.

From this, we come to the conclusion that playing a game is more important than anything else.

As mentioned in the previous column, there are still many stories about losing weight when playing games. In 1999, my college roommate and I were addicted to a love development game called memories. This game tells us that dating girls requires you to read the calendar first, select a festival, and understand the significance of the festival. For example, Valentine's Day should be a gift from boys to girls. After a month, if a girl returns chocolate, it means "a play ". There are also some love skills, such as boys taking the initiative to make phone calls, master certain dating techniques, and ensure the success rate ...... Through the game teaching, we have just been away from parental control and have an infinite fantasy about love, and started to attack frequently, following the steps that have been rehearsed countless times in the game, I had a phone call with my dream "goddess", and several of my classmates had a successful appointment and finally came together.

In the eyes of many people, games are "Electronic ***" and "spiritual ***". For gamers, playing a good game is actually similar to learning a foreign language. I like a TV advertisement on PlayStation, a home TV game machine that I have seen before. The advertisement shows the work of a big restaurant cook. The various "foul" cooking methods are dumbfounded. In the end, the cook will cook exquisite dishes and store them on beautiful dishes. The waiter will deliver them to the guests ...... These scenes are all aimed at setting off the scenes: "Everything is possible in the gaming world !" (This article is published in the column "Travel Notes" of Zhang shule, application edition, June 20, 2014 of People's post and telecommunications news.) [Zhang shule No.: zsl13973399819]

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This article from the "Wudang school Zhang sancrazy" blog, please be sure to keep this source

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