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This is an article in favor of Ubuntu. I am not a desktop system software developer. The only desktop programming knowledge is that I used Qt to write an XMPP client in college. Therefore, I am not familiar with the underlying desktop technology, do not know where Xwindow is rotten, or where Wayland is advanced. The commonly used system is Kubuntu, A Ubuntu + KDE Desktop release. Optimistic about the prospects of Unity desktop, but I think it is not doing well at present, as an environment for work and life

This is an article in favor of Ubuntu.

I am not a desktop system software developer. The only desktop programming knowledge is that I used Qt to write an XMPP client in college. Therefore, I am not familiar with the underlying desktop technology, do not know where X Windows is rotten, or where Wayland is advanced. The commonly used system is Kubuntu, A Ubuntu + KDE Desktop release. We are optimistic about the prospects of Unity desktop, but believe that we are not doing well at present. As a work and life environment, we cannot compare with KDE.

In general, I like Ubuntu very much and like its ecological environment. Its contribution to Linux installation simplification has promoted the development of Linux Desktop. Canonical is one of the few companies in the Linux field that have always regarded availability as a culture and practice.

The Linux User Group is a group that pursues personalization, so some people have put forward various criticisms on Ubuntu. This is normal and is also the driving force for Ubuntu's development. If there is no dispute and people don't care, the system will be finished. However, we occasionally see a type of people, as long as it is Ubuntu-related content on the run, think Ubuntu business is "Original Sin", think Ubuntu has no contribution to open source, think Unity is garbage, think Ubuntu ...... Sorry, it's bad.

I hope Linux users can take a fair view of the Ubuntu release. Even though it is not perfect, it is indeed the best desktop release.

Ubuntu has a good business model and Community atmosphere

Canonical uses the free + service-supported business model, which has been proven to be an effective business model for open-source software, such as RedHat, Novell, and MySQL. Free + service support ensures free and free products for users. Free and free means you can purchase the most suitable hardware when you change your device, regardless of whether your system authorization can be transferred or how many devices can be supported.

Ubuntu has gained a high share in the Server market, and no VPS does not provide Ubuntu Server. Ubuntu is often used as an example for help documentation. In the desktop field, the cooperation between Canonical and commercial companies has brought software such as Spotify and Steam. Ubuntu App Store is expected to become a bridge between developers and end users to Promote the Development of desktop applications.

OMG! Ubuntu! Is the best Linux information site I have ever seen. Around Ubuntu, users have developed more common communities, instead of mailing lists, IRC, And Wiki that only senior users can use.

Business is not the original sin, and free software never rejects business. "Free" means Free speech rather than Free beer, and Canonical maintains this freedom well. If you want to, you will always have many channels to know what is running in Ubuntu, what kind of plans does Canonical have, and how it will develop in the future. If you no longer like Ubuntu, there is no obstacle to migrating other releases. You have this system.

If there is no business, who will pay the wages of the best-class designers and programmers, and who will provide support for the operation of the enterprise's system? Maybe the non-commercial open-source community has been doing well in some aspects, but there is no business, and the best people just cannot get together!

Open-source is not a high flame

Ubuntu has some practices that seem "out of place" in the open-source world ". Develop Unity on your own in many desktop environments; Develop Ubuntu touch on your own with Meego; and develop Mir on your own with Wayland. So some people accuse Ubuntu of having to do everything by themselves, and the Ubuntu community does not comply with the rules.

However, open source is not a high flame of firewood, so it should be stirred up when you see others burning. The purpose of Ubuntu's own development of key components is to make a better operating system.

Excellent open-source software has the backbone, so far I don't know which project can be created without the main owner. We need to make good software first, and then attract others to develop together, rather than a group of people first fantasizing about a bright future, and then all walks of life. Who is responsible for the existing components? Radhat or Novell? The results show that the current open-source desktop is slow and uncompetitive.

Some people are worried that the compatibility issues brought about by splitting will lead Ubuntu to a recession. However, it is important to know which platform attracts developers and hardware vendors most, but the number of users on this platform. I don't know how many idealistic developers leave because they lose interest. On this platform, there is no money and no users. Ubuntu is expected to build the best Linux Desktop ecosystem.

For better user experience, you must create your own desktop environment

Well, you are an operating system? What is your competitiveness? The desktop environment is obtained by the G community, the window management is obtained by the C community, and the display service is X with a history of 30 years. Why is this feature so awkward? Oh, it was originally available for this component. I have submitted the Patch to the upstream, but it seems that they are not willing to accept it. I want to propose a new communication protocol for desktop menus and applications, but it seems that it will take two years to discuss it, and some developers do not understand the significance of doing so, they think it's good now.

Which part is original? Logo.

If you have made a website, you will know that if you really have a unique idea, the best way is not to change the existing website, but to start from scratch, even if some functions are missing at the beginning, but it can be improved step by step from the most critical part. In the end, we will find that the missing part is not so important, and sometimes it is removed.

Yes, Unity is not mature, it is a semi-finished product, and some designs are very anti-human (for example, I cannot drag the bar of Unity ). However, this can be improved, and no software can be implemented overnight. Unity also has excellent design, such as the panel on the left. Previously, I saw many people put common software on the Left bar in different ways, and Unity grasped the requirement.

At present, Ubuntu may be the first system that spans desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. If you wait for the Community to solve all communication problems, it will not be so fast.

I am a Linux Desktop user

I used Linux as my main desktop for five years and occasionally switched to Windows 7 to play games.

From Windows to Linux, we relied on some stubbornness. At that time, the Linux desktop software was not doing well and it had a strong sense of patchwork. Now there are no basic tools available, and most of the work is done in the browser. The desktop is only used as a support, so I have fully adapted to the Linux environment. During development, the Package Manager of Linux helped a lot. In addition, it was used to develop web programs and the server was Linux. Therefore, the installation of service dependencies on the Linux Desktop encountered few problems.

Because everything is well used and there is no plan to change, the system that we want to try most now is ChromeOS.

However, the Linux desktop environment cannot meet the requirements of the current situation. As Apple becomes more powerful, many Linux users have moved to the platform. When the price of a Mac is equivalent to a few months of life, many people will stop; but when they can easily buy a Mac with a monthly income, the price is no longer a problem, this requires positive competition in availability. Linux is losing more and more desktop users, and it is time to make changes. Specifically, a best desktop release version is required to compete with the other two systems that have already occupied the 99% market.

There are still many problems with Ubuntu. Many people do not think it is the best, but they see hope in it, so I am optimistic about Ubuntu.

For more information about Ubuntu, see Ubuntu special page http://www.linuxidc.com/topicnews.aspx? Tid = 2

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