Postgraduate experience in computer science at Wuhan University

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Postgraduate experience in computer science at Wuhan University

The key to postgraduate entrance exams lies in perseverance! Never accept failure, no matter how often it visits you. Keep on going. Never give up. Never!

Why do you want to take an postgraduate entrance exam? Everyone can have their own reasons. Maybe it's just to have a relatively perfect college life, a wonderful start, and a wonderful end. After all, for every independent individual actively facing life, every journey of life should have a goal. The postgraduate entrance exam should also be one of the university goals that can be selected. We should always ask ourselves: what kind of college life do I want to live in? What kind of quality should I have after year 34? Perhaps it is for the sake of a higher and farther dream, to explore the true meaning of knowledge step by step, to make unique insights in relevant fields, and to make more contributions to society; maybe, it's just to challenge myself and challenge my life. If someone else can pass the exam, I don't believe I can't! ...... In any case, remember that once you determine your goals, you must persevere and be efficient!

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing.

I have never been a top-notch computer college student. I really want to take a postgraduate entrance exam. It was decided in March-I took part in the cet6 test in January and did not know what to do next, I don't want to spend the last year in college. With the encouragement of the teacher, I chose to take a postgraduate entrance exam. At that time, I had less than a year before the first postgraduate trial in March January, and the time was very short.

Here, I want to talk about how to choose the postgraduate entrance exam. Time, that is, the length of time between your determination to take a postgraduate entrance exam and your initial test, is a key factor. If you are a sophomore, you have enough time to prepare for the majors you are interested in, especially those who do not like the university majors you are studying. In fact, in general, you can choose to have a certain degree of contact with the university majors. Just as computer students can choose the economic direction, because the economic needs of computer students, such as statistics, probability theory, and operational research, this will play a better role in future in-depth economic research. Therefore, you must carefully consider the direction and University of graduate students you want to take the test. Once you have determined the direction, you must fully prepare for it.

A good starting is a half of the success!

So, how to prepare? This is like a war without smoke, but there is only one enemy-you are yourself! I have to prepare for the postgraduate entrance exam. You may need to develop a true skill-dancing and riding on the moon. Every day for more than a dozen hours, your seats are fixed, such as the meditation machine, and you will no longer be able to play freely or suffer from insomnia. Carefully set the learning plan:

1. Materials: Go to the computer College website of Wuhan University, search for the specified teaching materials, and order them. Purchase related tutorials. You can consult with instructors and students with postgraduate experience, search for information on some websites in a timely manner, such as "China Research Network" and "Postgraduate Forum. For example, in computer science, the first test is basically the same: English, politics, mathematics, data structure and composition principles. Of course, if you need professional course materials, this website may help you

2. Plan: the quarterly plan, monthly plan, weekly plan, and daily plan should be arranged in detail based on your actual learning ability and executed as much as possible. Generally speaking, the first round is full familiarity with textbooks. One chapter, one chapter, and one section, combining the exercises after the chapter to consolidate the learned knowledge, the first time to learn textbooks, it may take a little more time, wait until the second time and third time is relatively less time, the knowledge is also gradually systematic and organized. After the first round, the structure of textbooks should basically be available in my mind. Second round: Make full use of tutorials. First of all, I will update my ideas based on the answers, clarify which knowledge points are missing and which are not proficient, and return to the textbook for review in time. If you feel that some solutions are innovative and creative, take notes in a timely manner. In addition, you need to think more yourself. If it is too difficult to ask questions, you can consult the teacher. What we need to add here is that we do not need to study difficult problems blindly, but should focus on the foundation. A solid foundation is the most reliable! Round 3: consolidate the sprint. This depends on the effect of the first two rounds.

Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later!

The postgraduate entrance exam is generally arranged in February of every year. I just want to say a few words about the exam. After all, everyone has been taking the test for more than a decade, however, what I want to talk about is still a mentality problem. I will enter the test room with a normal mentality. No matter what you prepare, at this moment, please enter the test room with confidence, to raise your troops for a thousand days, when it comes to use, everyone understands this truth, but it is inevitable to be nervous and excited. These are all normal. However, when you make a pen, these tensions and excitement will disappear, so do not be afraid!

Smile to the world. Keep confident! Wish you success!

As a person who has been here, I hope I can make some contributions to my postgraduate entrance exams. Come on, my brothers and sisters. I believe that your efforts will help you succeed!

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