Practical Teaching of JAVA-J2ME mobile development)

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Practical Teaching of JAVA-J2ME mobile development
Java 2 Micro Edition is a part of Java 2 and is also known as j2se and J2EE. It is a highly optimized Java operating environment and is applied to a large number of consumer electronic devices, such as cell phones, visual phones, digital set-top boxes, and car-oriented systems, it is also widely used by mobile communication devices, such as mobile phones, two-way pagers, smart cards, personal computer notebooks, and handheld computers. The Java language features unrelated to the platform are transplanted to small electronic devices by using the j2-based technology, allowing mobile wireless devices to share applications.Program. This video focuses on the mobile development of j2's, covering almost all key technologies in mobile development. This tutorial is taught by Mr. Guo kehua.


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