Price difference analysis of the Python Arbitrage series--python Learning notes 22

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# # #套利分析
Import Pandas as PD
Import NumPy as NP
Caipo=pd.read_excel (' caipo.xlsx ')
Doupo=pd.read_excel (' doupo.xlsx ')
Caipo.head (5)
Caipo_close.head ()
Doupo_close.head ()
Cc.mean ()
Dc.mean ()
I=dc.mean ()/cc.mean ()
E.head ()

E.plot () ""

#发现基于均值比例的模型随机性太强, we recalculate based on the correlation coefficient.
Cc.corr (dc,method= ' Pearson ')
#从相关系数来看, the correlation between the two is very high, 94%;
#菜粕和豆粕价格相差很大, we calculate in different proportions
E= (ccnew-dcnew)/100
E.head (10)

E.plot ()

Later on, we will make a KDJ-MACD model to calculate whether the price difference can be profitable.

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