Process a normal photo as a large poster under Photoshop-PS tutorial

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This tutorial introduces difficult image color matching methods. The materials used by the author are very common. for a simple photo of life, you should first beautify the pictures first. for example, you need to add clouds and remove unnecessary parts of the picture. Then we need to adjust the color and add some textures. we must be careful when making them. SOURCE image

Final effect

1. open the source image material and create a color level adjustment layer. the parameter settings are shown in.

2. open the cloud image shown in, drag it in, adjust the size and position as appropriate, mask the image, and use a black brush to erase the part of the character.

3. copy the background layer to a layer, press Ctrl + Shift +] to the top, change the mixed mode of the layer to "stacked front", mask the layer, and use a black brush to erase the surrounding buildings.

4. create a new layer and press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E to print the layer. Press Ctrl + Shift + U to remove the color. Double-click the layer to bring up the layer blending option. the specific parameter settings are shown in.

5. Press and hold the Alt key and click the dark slider to split the layer to the rightmost. the black and white effects naturally penetrate into the lower layer.

6. create a new curve adjustment layer, and adjust the red, green, and blue layers. press the layer to a bit darker. the parameter settings are as follows.

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