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Photoshop ushered in the cc 2015.1 version of the major update, this version is too sweet, in addition to the overall interface flat, but also with the artboard enhancements, super convenient font lookup and file export, and so on, each of the details are poked to the sore, surprising, together to feel.

  New UI design, flat style

The first thing you can notice very directly is the change in the Welcome page. The recent use feature has been added to the new Welcome page, which allows users to sort through the most recently operated files in a list or grid format, and then display thumbnails next to the file names after they have been manipulated. The Welcome page also provides a guided tour based on the number of tools or features that users use.

In this version of the PS all of the interface (including the Welcome page) are redesigned into a flat style, the shadow is canceled, more modern, bulky 90-style button is also replaced by a rounded virtual button.

All the icons in the toolbar are also redrawn, such as the mobile tool is completely changed, PS heavy users for the first time when the new version may be a little touch of the north. In addition, users can customize the toolbars according to their own needs, and some unused tools can hide them.

  Artboard Feature enhancements

In CC 2015.1, the artboard features improved functionality and a lot of detail optimization, making it easy to make the layout of a complex screen easier. The guides can also be locked with the artboard, and the layers palette also adds an option to filter by the artboard, without having to repeatedly click on the layer to toggle the artboard.

  Font improvement, find fonts more convenient

This update adds a search based on a font search to a category (such as sans or script), and it can be labeled as "favorite" and filtered according to the category "Favorite".

Another major update is to filter fonts based on similarity, and PS to look for similar fonts by comparing the outlines of available fonts, a feature that can be useful for users looking for alternative fonts or even matching fonts. The glyphs panel already has an adjustment option, and the user can now set the XY axis coordinates of the text in the Properties panel. Perhaps the most annoying is the default text size, the author each dozen good words can not find where, in this update the default text size into 16pt.

Touch screen adaptation, Trench quickly to buy surface book. Some enhancements are included in PS CC 2015.1 that are compatible with touch setting. PS has a dedicated touch screen mode, the buttons become larger and easier to click, support double finger sliding back to the previous operation, and there will be allow touch screen users to open and close the shift, ALT and CTRL key Panel, on the touch screen can also be shortcut key operation.

This feature is currently available only to Windows users and does not fit with Apple's trackpad. Adobe focuses on the development of iOS mobile apps, which means it is preparing for the future.

 Workflow improvement, file export more convenient

With the integration and deepening of CC applications, PS can now build a library based on existing files, exporting all or just the character styles, colors, layer styles, smart objects, and any combination. The user can also directly drag the footage from the layers panel directly into the storage panel.

For example, in the dialog box in the following illustration, the export panel has been visually matched with the rest of the application. In addition, users can export a single artboard to another format file, a single or whole set of adjust JPG quality, and so on.

The optimization of the engine algorithm also means that the export options are faster and higher quality than those saved as Web pages, especially for files in JPG and PNG format.


These improvements may not attract the designer's attention, but they are enough to prevent more users from giving up using PS.

PS has been a very problematic choice for web designers for a long time, but the full range of improvements means that it is moving in with competitors and looks increasingly attractive as a design tool.

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