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In this tutorial, I will share with my friends how to use psto create a LOGO presentation template for mosaic collage textures. the template created in this tutorial is very good and beautiful. we recommend that you use this template for my feet, let's take a look at it. Today we bring about the creation of a LOGO presentation template with mosaic collage textures. The operation is very simple. it relies on intelligent objects and layer styles. we recommend that you come and learn it together!

The above are some simple presentations. let's get down to the truth.

Create a new document. here I use 1920*1080 pixels to add a gradient superposition and an inner shadow.

Right-click the smart object and choose filter> filter Library> texture> mosaic tile. set the size of the tile to 2, the width of the gap to 1, and the brightness to 1.

The inner shadow effect is not obvious. add an inner shadow again.

I felt a little too bright. I added a "brightness/contrast" adjustment layer.

Put in our LOGO. here I use the LOGO of P's big point S, and then I will convert the LOGO to a smart object, copy the four layers, and I will rename it to 1234, which will be easy to explain. It must be converted to a smart object before copying.

Change the fill of "P S 1" "P S 2" "P S 3" to 0, change the layer blending mode of "P S 4" to overlay.

Next, set the layer style "P S 1.

Next, set the "P S 2" layer style.

Next, set the "P S 3" layer style.

Next, set the "P S 4" layer style.

To show the force grid, I moved "P S 4" to the top layer and changed the layer name to "double-click your LOGO "! Create a solid color adjustment layer, and create a clipping mask!

At the end of the tutorial, the above is an introduction to the LOGO presentation template for creating mosaic collage textures by ps. have you learned this? Hope to help you!

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