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This tutorial is intended to share with my friends a simple trademark method for psproduction. the trademark produced in this tutorial is quite simple and recommended to my home, everyone is coming to learn. we all know that PS can be used to create trademarks. but for beginners, it is almost impossible to design complicated trademarks. So the following small series will introduce you to PS to create a simple trademark method. no friends will come and learn it!


Open pssoftware: Open -- new -- input width, high data -- OK.

Creates a layer with a white background. Input data in width and height. You can enter specific data as needed. It is recommended that you design a large part to facilitate exercises. Other options are not required.

After creating a background layer, you can see the graph icon in the lower right corner.

Rectangular box selection tool -- drag out a square area -- right-click -- fill -- color -- select color -- OK.

Get a blue square box.

Select again: rectangle tool -- pull out the right-sized square in the Blue Square -- right-click -- fill -- select color -- black -- OK.

Now, the two-layer background color of the icon is set (). Click: Text tool-select font size-click the position of the input text.

Note that the text size can be directly entered as a number. enter a number as needed.

After entering the font, be sure to pay attention to the font color. the color can be selected at the top of the page, and blue is selected at the top.

Now we only need to adjust the font size. The adjustment method is: Select the text to be adjusted, and enter a number above to adjust the size. Let's take a look at the two "PS" letters. The front is slightly larger and the back is slightly smaller. Therefore, you can adjust it twice.

Note that the entered letters must be in uppercase. Only in this way can the two letters be aligned below. To adjust the text position, you can move it out of the text area (about the red area) and try again and again.

Although rough, but as long as the size and position are adjusted well, it is enough to be false. For learners, tools used to familiarize themselves with software should be helpful.

The above is a simple trademark method for psproduction. The operation is very good. have you learned it? Hope to help you!

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