Pulse network parallel permissions + CSRF allow the instructor to help you send Weibo posts

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Pulse network parallel permission + CSRF. Ask Kaifu to send Weibo posts for you. The problem occurred in the http://www.vmaibo.com/timer timed occurrence function set a timed sending microblogging due to the modification function has parallel permissions, can modify others' scheduled microblogging content! That is to say, as long as you know a regular Weibo ID of Kaifu, you can modify the content and the content will be sent from Kaifu's Weibo. You may ask how to know that the ID is the microblog of Kaifu's instructor. This is indeed a little troublesome. Because there is still a defect in publishing others' Weibo posts beyond the authority, you can release the microblog through your own Weibo posts in advance. Check whether the content is similar to that of Kaifu. If you confirm that the content is being modified. At that time, I sent it from Kaifu! If the problem persists, try CSRF and ask the instructor to send it to you! First, send a scheduled Weibo packet capture request parameter ID to modify the scheduled Weibo content whose ID is 1137108. Below we continue to use fake forms to send Weibo posts without any judgment, so we can use CSRF to send Weibo posts.

Look at WeiboSolution:Permission + the permission to prevent others from posting Weibo to csrf is granted to you.

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