allow scripts to write files and access network

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Secure network access to MySQL database server

mysql| Security | access | server | data | database | Network MySQL security system is flexible. It allows you to set user access rights in many different ways. Typically, the grant and REVOKE statements are used to modify the authorization table

Network service settings in SELinux: Apache, Samba, and NFS

SELinux's security protection measures are mainly focused on access control of various network services. For services such as Apache, Samba, NFS, vsftp, MySQL, and Bind dns, SELinux only opens up the most basic operation requirements. As for

Reproduced Provisioning of network services in SELinux environment, configuring Apache, Samba, NFS

Original Address:'s security measures are mainly focused on access control of various network services. For services like Apache, Samba, NFS,

Network Security Professional Vocabulary _ Chinese and English

Access Controls list (ACL) access control lists Access token accessing token Account Lockout accounts lockout Account Policies Accounting Policy Accounts account number Adapter Adapter Adaptive speed leveling adaptive rate level

Linux Learning Note 3:linux Network configuration, RPM package, Shell and Samba server usage and installation

1, linux shell "Linux command, editor and Shell Programming" (1) shell kinds of many, commonly used three, in Linux can be ls-l/bin/*sh to show all installed shell Type 1) bourne/bin/sh 2 ) C/bin/csh 3) Kom/bin/ksh (2) See what kind of shell command

Windows. Some basic methodological principles for setting up Scripts _vbs

Question: "Read so many masters of the post, but did not find a very simple answer to the question: How do I set up a login script for a domain user? -Can bat be used as a login script? -How do I specify a login script name in the domain user

Use. Net and the smart transmission API in the background to write automatic update applications.

Use the. NET and smart transmission API in the background to compile automatic update applications. Release Date: 11/26/2004 | update date: 11/26/2004 Jason clark This document assumes that you are familiar with C # and Visual Basic. net. Download

Linux network server configuration Basics _unix Linux

To establish a secure Linux server, you first need to understand the meaning of the configuration files that are related to the network service and how to configure them securely in the Linux environment. In a Linux system, TCP/IP networks are

Build a home network world with FreeBSD

With the popularization and upgrading of computers, more and more families already have several computers, and more families are surfing the Internet. As a result, several computers often want to access the Internet at the same time, in this case,

Ways to improve network application performance using Libevent and Libev _linux

There are many solutions, but the Libevent library and the Libev library can greatly improve performance and event handling capabilities. In this article, we discuss the basic structures and methods used to use and deploy these solutions in UNIX®

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