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Puzzle board games-go to four games and puzzle board games --

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Game introduction:

In a puzzle chess game, two chess pieces can be used to defeat one of the enemy's chess pieces.

The game interface is exquisite and concise, the game rules are simple and clear, and AI is smart and interesting.

Multiplayer games, man-machine battles, fixed time, fixed steps, and sharing systems allow for richer game content.

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Puzzle chess

Secret digital card
The phone number card was circulated to Western Europe and the United States through Israeli game designer EphraimHertzano. The man published the official mobile phone number book (OfficialRummikubBook) in 1978. this article describes the three versions of the worm digital card rules: American, Israeli, and international. In the later development, the Israeli identity was the most widely spread and widely known in the West, while the modern identity rule only contained the Israeli identity. The other two types of identity rules were not mentioned.
Up to 106 plastic cards are printed with numbers ranging from 1 to 13 in four colors: black, red, blue, and orange, each color corresponds to two cards for each number. The remaining two sections are Joker with a smiling face.
Spiel des Jahres (last German year's desktop games Award)
The secret card consists of 13 digital x4 colors x two groups + two 106 cards. The rule for the game is simple: each player picks up fourteen cards at random from these cards, and the rest goes down to the scene. Players play the game in turn. Each time it is their turn, the players must play cards or withdraw, and then touch a card from the central card heap.
The principle of playing cards in a game is to generate a card group in the presence. The card group has two forms:
1. Same flower (three or four cards in different colors but with the same number)
2. shunzi (three consecutive numbers with the same color)
Players playing the first card in a game must be able to generate one of the above two card groups, and the total number must be greater than 30. Otherwise, they must announce a waiver and hand over the licensing right to the next house, this is called "ice breaking" in the game ". But after the first hand, as long as the cards you play can form a new card group with the cards in the game, you have the right to play the cards. When a player plays a card, a card group can be formed in any movement field to match the card that he or she plays. However, at last, all the cards in the game should be placed in the card group and cannot be placed in the order. If the player cannot fulfill this requirement after playing the cards, he must take back the cards and restore the cards in the game to their original state, and draw three cards for penalty.
1. First hand card
John first shot Red 6, 7, 8, 9 total 30, Johnson first shot four colors 8 Total 32 but Lina because the total number of more than 30 card groups and declared a waiver. John and Johnson both completed their first card, and then they could play the cards in a piecemeal manner to match other cards, but lina still had to try to finish her first card next time.
2. Normal card placement
John played green 6, 7 and pulled Johnson's first-hand green 8 to work with them to complete a new card group, because Johnson's first-hand card is four-color 8, if one card is missing and three cards are still higher than the lower limit of one card group, John can continue playing cards to create a new card group until he is unable to complete or unwilling to do so, or the agreed operation time is used up; he must make up a card at the end.
In the game, a change card represents any number and color, but if you cannot get rid of it in the game, it also points out more than its primary card. The game repeats until someone detaches the cards from the game. He must call Rummikub (that is, Hu !) Then calculate the score. The total number on the player's hand is a negative score, and the score is deducted to the player who wins the game by the authorities. In any case, the score is 30.
If no cards are used up, the player with the smallest number wins, and others lose the score to the player.
Start a new game and try again until you don't want to play it (the regular game is a three-game). In the end, the player with the highest total score wins.

Which of the following types of chess games do children YuanYi smart games refer?

Wall games, checkers, Wuzi games, flying games, chess games, chess games, military games, and animal games.

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