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First, PyPI China mirror

As an upgraded version of Easy_install, PIP provides great convenience for Pyhton package management. One-line command to complete the installation of the required modules:

Pip Install Pandas

But the official image of the access speed is very slow, almost unusable. Therefore, it is very necessary to modify the mirror source to improve access speed,

Modify the mirror source in different operating systems, the location of the modified file is different, in the Linux default path is $HOME/.pip/pip.conf in the Windows default path is%home%\pip\pip.ini

The configuration file does not exist under the default path, you need to create a new, and then write in the configuration file: [Global] Index-url = modify the mirror source. The part after the equals sign is the address of the mirror source. I collected a few Chinese pypi mirror source, the top source in my this access speed is the fastest, the speed descending downward, so try a few before the good. Aliyun speed  China University of Science Watercress (Douban) Http:// official Https:// /CAS University
Second. How to use a mirror source using a mirrored source is simple, with-i specifies the line, for example:
sudo easy_install-i
sudo pip install- I

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