Python Digital Series-mathematical operations of complex numbers

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Mathematical operation problems of complex numbers

The latest network authentication scheme code you've written has encountered a problem, and your only solution is to use complex spaces. Or you just need to use a complex number to perform some calculation operations.

Solution Solutions

The complex number can be complex(real, imag) specified using a function or a floating-point number with the suffix J. Like what:


The corresponding real, imaginary, and conjugate complex numbers can be easily obtained. Just like this:

A.  Real2.0a.  IMAG4.0a.  Conjugate() (2-4j)>>>            

In addition, all common mathematical operations can work:

B (5-1j)B (26+2j)b( -0.4117647058823529+0.6470588235294118j)abs(a)  4.47213595499958>>>          

If you want to perform other complex functions such as sine, cosine, or square root, use the cmath module:

Cmathcmath.  Sin(a)(24.83130584894638-11.356612711218174j)cmath.  Cos(a)( -11.36423470640106-24.814651485634187j)cmath.  Exp(a)( -4.829809383269385-5.5920560936409816j)>>>    

Most of the math-related modules in Python can handle complex numbers. For example, if you use it numpy , you can easily construct a complex array and perform various operations on the array:

>>>ImportNumPyAsNp>>>A=Np.Array([2+3j,4+5j6-< Span class= "Mi" >7j8+9j) Span class= "GP" >>>> aarray ([2.+3.J, 4.+5.J, 6.-7.J, 8.+9.J]) >>> a + 2array ([4.+3. J, 6.+5.J, 8.-7.J, 10.+9.J]) >>> np. Sin (a) array ([9.15449915-4.16890696j,- 56.16227422-48.50245524j, -153.20827755-526.47684926j, 4008.42651446-589.49948373j]) >>>               

The standard mathematical function of Python does not produce complex values, so it is not possible to have complex return values in your code. Like what:

MathMath.  SQRT(-1)"<stdin>"1<module>math domain error> >>             

If you want to generate a complex number to return the result, you must display the use of the cmath module, or declare the use of the plural type in a library that supports complex numbers. Like what:

Cmathcmath.  SQRT(-1)1j>>>        

Python Digital Series-mathematical operations of complex numbers

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