Python Language Programming Fundamentals (2nd edition) pdf

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This book presents a Python language teaching idea that aims to understand and apply computational ecology, not only the Python language syntax, but also the 14 Python libraries from data comprehension to image processing, and shows a new language learning path for the beginners of Python language.
The book has designed a total of 25 very modern examples, from the Python, understand the power of day to day to machine learning, web crawler, from the text progress bar, statistical masterpieces of importance to the image of hand-painted effects, radar mapping, the vast majority of instances for the author's original, As the content continues to inspire readers to learn the passion of Python language, because "programming is a very interesting thing."
The book is rich in content, clear and gradual, with a new form of construction, to provide a large number of expanded reading materials, learning materials and learning video. The author of the book (Mooc platform of the Chinese University, "Python language Programming" course of the lecturer) recommended that the vast number of readers with online open courses, in-depth study of the book content.
This book is suitable for beginners of the Python language, as well as teaching materials for various tertiary institutions, as well as a self-study reference book for interested readers of Python.
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Python Language Programming Fundamentals (2nd edition) pdf

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