Python to install numpy, scipy, matplotlib and other whl packages, numpyscipy

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Python to install numpy, scipy, matplotlib and other whl packages, numpyscipy

Python and PyCharm development environments have been installed recently, but problems have occurred when installing numpy, matplotlib, and other packages. Here we will summarize the installation methods on the windows platform.

Because the new version of exe file cannot be found, the installation of the whl format file is used. I installed python3.5.2 in advance, and the computer is 32-bit.

1. Install wheel first. In the cmd window, enter:

Pip install wheel

2. Download the Toolkit:

Numpy module: /~ Gohlke/pythonlibs/# numpy

Scipy module: /~ Gohlke/pythonlibs/# scipy

Matplotlib module:

Pay attention to download the corresponding python version and windows version of the whl file, for example, I download is: matplotlib-2.0.0rc2-cp35-cp35m-win32.whl (md5), cp35 corresponds to python3.5 version, win32 corresponds to 32-bit computer.

3. Install the whl file. If you put the x. whl file in the root directory of drive D, enter the following in cmd:

Pip install d: \ x. whl



Do not rename the downloaded. whl file;
The installation sequence is exquisite. you can install numpy and scipy modules first and then matplotlib. Because each module is dependent on each other, you can refer to the installation requirements on the website, for example, matplotlib installation requirements, package the dependencies first. I failed to install matplotlib at the beginning, and then checked the error message to learn that the dependent package pytz failed to automatically install. So I downloaded and installed the pytz package, and finally installed matplotlib.



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