QQ/WeChat in the computer is used normally but the webpage cannot be opened

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Problem Description

The web page can be opened and QQ can be normally connected to the single-host broadband. After using the router, the computer (or mobile phone) can log on to QQ, but the web page cannot be opened.

Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot the problem.


Check computer IP settings

If you need to open a webpage, computer (or mobile phone)DNSThe address must be correct. We recommend that you set it to automatically obtainIPAddress.Take the computer as an example to confirm that the DNS of the Internet terminal has been set to automatic retrieval, as shown in the following figure:

Note:: If the terminal requires you to manually specify an IP address, log on to the vro management pageRunning status >WANPort status After the DNS server address is found, enter the address on the Internet terminal.

Test with another browser

1, Change the browser

You can try to use Google Chrome, Firefox, 360, and other browsers to access the Internet.
2 Comparison with online terminals for testing
Replace other online terminals for comparative testing, observe the comparison, and refer to the next step for operations.

Router settings check

Check whether parent control or Internet access control is set on the vro to restrict the Internet access permission of the computer. We recommend that you do not enable this function unless necessary. The setting method is as follows:

1 Disable parental control

Log on to the vro management page and clickParental control On the Settings page, selectDisable AndSave. As shown in the following figure:

2Disable Internet access control

InSecurity Settings > Internet access control , Confirm not to checkEnable internet access control, ClickSave. As shown in the following figure:

After completing this operation, you can try to open the web page to test the Internet access.


Other cases

A.Insufficient bandwidth

Other hosts in the intranet occupy too much bandwidth, causing the webpage to be unable to open or slow. Please try to remove other internet terminals and connect to your terminal separately for testing.
B. Website server or regional network faults
A website server is temporarily faulty, or a regional network is faulty due to attacks, natural disasters, and other factors. Or exceptions on a specific broadband line. For example, some lines may not open a specific website. You can try to test whether the web page is opened normally on a single machine without using a router to access the Internet.
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