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Quantum computers can filter large amounts of data more efficiently and quickly than ordinary computers or humans, and make further data analysis within the relevant information available, and it can throw away information that is of little use and enhance the extended analysis of leading data information.

In May 2013, Google, NASA and the United States University Space Research consortium bought the second generation of quantum computer D-wave two, made by D-wave Systems, Canada. D-wave Two is equipped with a 512 qubit Vesuvius processor, the test results show that the chip is running at the speed of Intel's fastest Chip 1000 times times, and in some specific random instances, d-wave two chip speed is 35,500 times times the traditional solution machine combination.

3 years later, when the time came to May 2016, IBM released a free quantum computing cloud service, claiming that it would allow everyone to use its five-qubit quantum computer, and that users could access the quantum computer only with a simple software interface if they were connected to the Internet.

Now that the tech giants are so close to the quantum computer, let's talk about it today.

The principle of quantum computer

The input and output states of the traditional computer are all classical signals, the input signal sequence is transformed according to certain algorithm, and the information analysis is realized by the internal logic circuit of the computer. Because of the two interval limit of eigen state, the traditional computer can only orthogonal transform between 0 and 12 bits, each step has an established orthogonal State route, and the corresponding route superposition cannot appear. In other words, the general computing of the traditional computer is carried out in a limited framework, and you cannot break the frame or destroy the whole system mechanism.

And the difference between a quantum computer and a traditional computer is that quantum unlike a semiconductor can only record 0 and 1, it can represent multiple states at the same time. Because of this advantage, the input state and the output state of the quantum computer are generally superposition states, which are usually not orthogonal to each other.

To some extent, quantum computing has made a great expansion of traditional computing methods, it can integrate more data information on the basis of traditional algorithm, and continuously consolidate and overlay, and do not follow the established route. On this basis, and then by the coherence between the quantum, the overall transmission, the analysis rate has a super-fold ascension.

The conclusion of quantum coherence is derived from the hypothetical experiments associated with "electron right spin" and "Positron left spin" states: In a high-energy accelerator, an electron generated by energy and a positron fly in the opposite direction, and when no one observes, both are in a superposition of the right and left spins, When someone observes two electrons in a subjective visual way, the visual aberration occurs and when one side is in the right spin, the positron is bound to the left spin under the law of Conservation of energy.

The experimental results show that there is an inevitable connection between each quantum unit (each of the two qubits will act as a whole), and all you need to do is to process a single qubit, and the effect will be immediately transmitted to the excess qubits in the string column. This feature is also the key to the quantum computer's ability to perform high-speed operations.

Whether quantum computers can be popularized in the future.

Let's take a look at the concept of quantum computing: Quantum computers are physical devices that follow the laws of quantum mechanics for high-speed mathematical and logical operations, storage, and processing of quantum information. When a device handles and calculates quantum information and runs a quantum algorithm, it is a quantum computer.

In other words, quantum computers may not need integrated hardware adaptation, and only a single integrated system mechanism can implement quantum theory in quantum computers by making appropriate changes on the basis of traditional computers. Therefore, from the perspective of conversion, does not need to spend a lot of resources, so the quantum computer should be the future of manufacturers want to deep blue ocean.

Quantum theory in quantum computers pieces the "common sense" and "intuition" that people have built up in the macroscopic world. But in the actual application process, you can feel in addition to the efficiency of the operation speed, almost no other changes, because those are the research companies to integrate planning. So from the user's market acceptance, the quantum computer has not improved the user's daily use habits.

One more piece of data: the EU has planned to launch a total of 1 billion euros in quantum technology projects in 2018; China also successfully implemented the experiment of solving linear equations with quantum computer on June 8, 2013. In April 2011, a team of researchers from Australia and Japan made breakthroughs in quantum communications, Realize the complete transmission of quantum information ... It can be seen that many countries in the early years have been quantum computer technology has a shallow layer of scientific research results, it can be seen that the potential of the big. Therefore, standing in the established market development point of view, its popularity is inevitable.

Of course, this is closely related to its efficient work efficiency, and it is closely related to the field that it can extensively dabble in.

What quantum computers can bring to us.

Quantum computer, the next technology corner.

Secure and efficient privacy protection

Because the principle of quantum cloning, users on the network on the search, payment and other private information no one will be saved backup. In other words, if the quantum computer is really popular in the market, basically is for users to take a read after the burn, after the search is deleted, after the loss of the perfect experience.

The accurate weather forecast

Quantum computers can help build better weather models, give us a deeper understanding of how humans affect the environment, and help us determine what measures we can take to prevent disaster from happening.

Discovery of new Products

Using the theory of practical applications from quantum mechanics, quantum computers can contribute their core strengths in a number of related fields, such as chemistry, physics, biology and so on, and the discovery of new drugs, new elements, and new organisms will have a qualitative improvement under accurate and efficient analysis.

Solve Road congestion

Quantum computers can simplify the workload of air and ground traffic control, and quickly and efficiently calculate the best driving routes in microseconds in a super fast and efficient way. If you plan a road trip with 10 different places to stay, the average computer may need to calculate the length of all possible routes separately and then filter out the best route. And since quantum computers can be superimposed on multiple lines, it can compute the length of all the routes at the same time.

Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence

Quantum computers, based on traditional computers, can bring about a leap and ascension in the evolution of artificial intelligence, which can make machine learning more efficient on the basis of super energy. For example, it can make Watson the same artificial intelligence form with a number of logical analysis ahead of time, such as it can be corrected by the self-correcting function of the program in the garbled and appear in the robot body malicious program code.

Useful Business

Once the quantum computer breakthrough in technology, it will be able to be in the medical, financial and other aspects of a great help, and in the same intelligent shape with Watson planning, it can be further upgraded to a near-perfect state, a moment to solve every area of the difficult problems encountered.


Quantum computers can filter large amounts of data more efficiently and quickly than ordinary computers or humans, and make further data analysis within the relevant information available, and it can throw away information that is of little use and enhance the extended analysis of leading data information. With its own advantages of not cloning can also make it in the satellite communication has a good military security.

The quantum computer is the next corner of technology, and its impact is not that we can complete the information. As for the current market development, everything is just a beginning, the quantum computer still has a long way to go in technology.

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