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FreeNX's quick installation and use of Remote Desktop are based on cost considerations. In Open products, vnc is usually used, and the platform compatibility is good, except for the speed. In Linux, XMing + ssh x protocol is also used for forwarding. There is no problem with it, especially for small programs, but it is not very convenient at all, and the application of Eclipse and other large programs cannot feel at all. When the network performance is poor, the VNC performance is too poor, and you want to use Xwindow desktop, there is now a new choice NoMachine NX (and FreeNX is the relationship ?), Based on innovative technologies (I don't know what it is, instead of VNC screen compression, it should be a Class X extension), it can ensure smooth operation in harsh networks. I tried it for a while. It is really good. I summarized the installation method. Applicable to ubuntu method 1) sudo add-apt-repository ppa: freenx-team 2) sudo apt-get update 3) sudo aptitude install freenx 4) sudo/usr/lib/nx/nxsetup -- install does not seem to be able to execute 5) sudo. /nxserver -- start/-- stop Method 2: 1) in the following URL will server, node, client deb package all download http://www.nomachine.com/download-package.php? Prod_Id = 3773 2) install sudo dkpg-I * locally *. deb 3) sudo/usr/lib/nx/nxsetup -- install does not appear to be executed. 4) sudo service free-server start 5) the configuration file is in/usr/NX/etc/server. cfg (available through dpkg-L nxserver) for CentOS 1) yum install freenx 2) Installation validation rpm-qa | grep freenx 2) /usr/bin/nxsetup -- install (default option N) 3)/etc/nxserver/node. conf to allow linux users to log on to the ENABLE_SSH_AUTHENTICATION = "1" 4) service free-server start Windows client http://www.nomac Hine.com/download-package.php? Prod_Id = 3835 can be downloaded to a client available on windows. ScreenCapture login CentOS desktop xubuntu desktop exit OK

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