"Reprint" Computer Vision (CV) Frontier International and domestic periodicals and conferences

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Computer Vision (CV) Frontier International and domestic periodicals and conferences
Most of the periodicals here can be found indirectly through the homepage of the experts above.
1. International conferences 2. International Journals 3. Domestic periodicals 4. Neural network 5.CV 6. Digital Image 7. Education resources, University 8. FAQ
1. International conferences
Now, the international computer vision of the three major international conferences are ICCV, CVPR and ECCV, called ice.
The full name of ICCV is international comference on computer Vision. ICCV two years, and ECCV just staggered, is recognized as the highest level of three meetings.

The full name of ECCV is Europeon Conference on computer Vision, a European conference.

CVPR's full name is internaltional Conference on computer vision and Pattern Recogintion International computer vision and Pattern Recognition conference. This is a once-a-year meeting held in the United States.
International Pattern Recognition Conference (ICPR):
Asian Computer Vision Conference (ACCV):
2. International journals
There are also many international publications with computer vision as one of the main contents, such as:
International Journal of Computer Vision
IEEE Trans. On Pami http://www.computer.org/tpami/index.htm
IEEE Transactionson Image Processing http://www.ieee.org/organizations/pubs/transactions/tip.htm
Pattern Recognition http://www.elsevier.com/locate/issn/00313203
Pattern Recognition Letters http://www.elsevier.com/locate/issn/01678655
IEEE Trans. On robotics and Automation,
IEEE Tpami
CVGIP computer Vision. Graphics and Image processing,
Visual Image Computing,
Ijprai (internatiorial Journat of Pattern recognition and Artificial Intelligence)

As we all know, Computer vision (CV) exists ICCV/CVPR/ECCV three top-level meetings, they are similar in grade, should be in the ranks of first-class meetings, there is no need to compete. Some people in the US think ICCV/CVPR is slightly better than ECCV, and the European People's Congress thinks ICCV/ECCV is better than CVPR, and some in Britain even think BMVC is better than CVPR. In short, the three meetings are similar, each with a focus and preference.

The author discusses the similarities and differences of the three-meeting in personal experience for reference and discussion. The three are the flagship and vane of the CV field, whose oral paper (including best paper) represents the highest level of CV of the year, citing Harry Shum in a sentence to find out what a field is doing, looking for proceeding in this area in recent years. ICCV/CVPR is led by the IEEE Computer Society, and ECCV seems to have no dedicated organization. CVPR each year (except 2002) in the United States Open, ECCV every two years, only Europe, ICCV is also every two years, each continent shifts. The basic guarantee is that two meetings are held each year, so that researchers have two chances of becoming a bull.
In terms of admission rates, there will be fluctuations in all three. If ICCV2001 admission rate >30%, and there are two people (Chinese) each have three first author of the situation of paper, which in the top cattle will be uncommon (water suspicion). However, ICCV2003, 20,052 admission rates are very low, about 20% or so. ECCV is similar to the law, before 2004 is >30%, 2006 reduced to about 20%. CVPR's admission rate has been high in recent years and has been in [25%,30%] since 2004. The last time CVPR2006 was 28.1%, CVPR2007 was not yet aware of the statistical data. I guess in order to maintain the absolute number of admission paper, when submission less when the admission rate is high, the other side is low, in recent years, the number of contributions of the three conferences are all over 1000, compared to 2000 years ago, the admission rate of three will be significantly reduced, the most significant 50%->20%. For the admission rate of interest in the trend of friends, can refer to http://vrlab.epfl.ch/~ulicny/statistics/(CVPR2004 data is wrong), http://www.adaptivebox.net/research/ Bookmark/cicon_stat.html.

Obviously, the number of people who put on CVS is increasing, and this area is getting bigger and larger, which is not like machine learning has been pursuing the foolish coterie doctrine. Another point worth noting, ICCV/ECCV only the vision related to the topic, and CVPR will receive a small amount of pattern recognition paper, such as finger print, but do not accept and image/video completely do not occupy the edge of PR Paper, such as speech recognition. A friend of mine once review a CVPR speech paper, three reviewer unanimously refused, one of reviewer funny point, you this paper should be cast ICASSP by the basis and transferred to CVPR. As far as topic is concerned, CVPR covers the widest range. There is also a non-verified cause CVPR admission rate is high: many US researcher unwilling or not enough funds to meet outside us, so CVPR will receive a lot of paper from us (Let everyone happy).

The above analysis of the three will be very instructive for us to cast paper. At present, I think most of the paper is on paper, must be read paper, write paper, publish paper, publish paper on top conferences and Jo Urnals process. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand some basic skills of paper and to master the trend and hot spots of the field. Avoid doing hard work, choosing suitable topic, improving presentation, paying attention to the format (complying with the specified template), I think this is a lot of novice need to pay attention to the problem. If ICCV2007 expressly does not write summary page direct reject, but still people ignore, this is quite not worth.
3. Domestic periodicals
Journal of Automation, Journal of Computer Science, Journal of Software, Journal of Chinese Graphic Graphics, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, optoelectronic lasers, precision optics engineering, etc.
4. Neural networks
Neural network-neural Networks Tutorial Review

Image Compression with Neural Networks

Backpropagator ' s Review

Bibliographies on Neural Networks

Intelligent Motion Control with an Artificial cerebellum

Kernel Machines

Some Neural Networks Organizations

Neural Network Modeling in Vision

Neural Networks and machine learning

Neural application software

Neural Network Toolbox for MATLAB

Netlab Software

Kunama Systems Limited http://www.kunama.co.uk/
5.Computer Vision (Computer vision)
Annotated computer Vision bibliography

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab computer Vision and robotics applications

Cvonline by University of Edinburgh
The evolving, distributed, Non-proprietary, on-line compendium of computer Vision,www.dai.ed.ac.uk/cvonline

Computer Vision Handbook,

Vision Systems Courseware

Activities in Computer Vision

Vision Systems Acronyms

Dictionary of Terms in Human and Animal Vision

Metrology based on computer Vision
6.Digital Photography Digital Image
Digital photography, scanning, and Image processing
Www.dbusch.com/scanners/scanners.htm L
7.Educational Resources, Universities education resource, University
Center for Image processing in education
Library of Congress call Numbers related to Imaging Science by Rochester Institute of Technology

Mathematical experiences through Image processing, University of Washington

Vismod Tech Reports and Publications, MIT

Vision Lab PhD Dissertation list, University of Antwerp

Inria (France) projects:human-computer Interaction, Image processing, Data Management, knowledge Systems

Image processing Resources

Publications of Carsten Steger
Http://www9.informatik.tu-muench ... r/publications.html
8.FAQs (FAQ)
Robotics FAQ

Where ' s the sci.image.processing FAQ?
Www.cc.iastate.edu/olc_answers/p ... processing.faq.html

Comp.graphics.algorithms FAQ, section 3, 2D Image/pixel computations

Astronomical Image processing System FAQ
Iv. Search Resources
Http://cheminfo.pku.edu.cn/mirrors/SAL/index.shtml Peking University

Google input: Computer vision or computer vision groups can get a lot of results

Network resources:
Cvonline http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/rbf/CVonline/Visual Research Group list
Computer Vision test Image http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~cil/v-images.html Carnegie Mellon standard Picture Gallery
Visual paper Search: Paper Search
V. Image processing GPL library (code base Image Library, etc.)
Cppima is a library of C + + functions for image processing. Here is a more comprehensive documentation of its library functions, and of course you can download the zipped gzip package, which contains documents in Texinfo format.

Welcome to the Iraf homepage! Iraf is the Image Reduction and Analysis Facility, a general purpose software system for the Reduction and analysis of AST Ronomical data

A very good image processing tool for UNIX systems to look at it. You can build your own dedicated image processing toolkit on this basis.

This is the GPL software distributing center, can search IP library.

The domestic csdn http://www.csdn.net/

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"Reprint" Computer Vision (CV) Frontier International and domestic periodicals and conferences

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