Read the source code tool Vim in Linux.

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"To do well, you must first sharpen your tools"

-----Analects of Confucius

Read the source code tool Vim in Linux.

Xbw 2009-03-19

Many Linux software development programs run without X Windows, so many graphical code reading software cannot be used. In this case, the available editors are vim, emacs, and gedit.

We recommend that you use Vim. Google to learn a large amount of materials. In order to facilitate your learning, we will summarize this information,

It is worth looking.

1. Manually convert Vim into an IDE programming environment

This article introduces some of Vim's extension functions. By combining these functions organically, VIM becomes a simple IDE, such as syntax highlighting, Automatic completion, project management, and debugging.


2. Vim Practical Technology

These three articles detail the configuration and use of VIM, especially the third part, which gives a detailed introduction to Vim's script language.




3. Vim keyboard

I am afraid of writing too many commands to remember vim, but with this keyboard chart, I don't have to worry about it anymore. Common operations can be found in this figure. Easy to understand.


4. Let's learn about vim.

This article not only contains the basic use of VIM, but also contains Vim tags, VIM sricps, Shell operations, help




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