Recommend some good computer books (php c MySQL Linux, etc.)

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Recommend some good computer books.

PHP programming (2nd edition)--php Grammar and Getting started with the best books
"PHP5 authoritative programming"--php after the introduction of the upgrade book
"In-depth PHP: Object oriented, Patterns and Practices" (3rd edition)--understanding object-oriented and design patterns in PHP
"High Performance PHP Application Development"--learn some basic simple PHP optimizations
PHP Core Technologies and best practices--Learn a lot about advanced PHP technology and extension technologies
"Extending and Embedding PHP"--php kernel Introduction and extension development of the best book! No one!

"MySQL must know"--excellent MySQL grammar reference
"MySQL 5 Authoritative Guide" (3rd edition)--mysql Comprehensive use of books, suitable for beginners
"mysql--database development, optimization and management Maintenance"--a lot of practical MySQL skills
MySQL performance tuning and architecture design--about many architectures and optimized configurations
High availability MySQL: Building robust data center--DBA and architecture understanding is interesting to read
High-performance MySQL (2nd edition)-a classic book for DBAs and Developers! Recommended!
Deep understanding of MySQL core technology--a glimpse into how MySQL works inside
"MySQL Technology insider: InnoDB Storage Engine"--the best book to analyze InnoDB engine at the moment

# Linux Management:
The Linux System Management Technical Handbook desk must have a reference book.
"Brother Bird's Linux private Dishes" good introductory book.
"Linux 101 Hacks" Common Command manual
"UNIX Shell Scripting" script reference book
More detailed command manuals for the Linux command line

# Linux Programming:
"Linux system Programming" tells the most detailed book about common APIs
Advanced programming for the UNIX Environment Classic
"The Linux programming Interface" and the book Package
"Programmer's self-accomplishment" don't be misled by the name, excellent a deep foundation book.
An in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel can be turned upside down to improve the detail understanding.
UNIX Network Programming Classic
The first volume of TCP/IP protocol detail-the classic
"TCP/IP Advanced Programming" good Book

# C + +:
"C Programming Language" introductory book
"Lnux C Programming One-stop learning" Linux under the development of the introductory book
C Language Core Technology Reference manual
The best pointers to the "C hands" book
The classic of C + + programming thought
"High quality Programming Guide--c/c++ language" Classics
"C Expert Programming"
"C and Pointers"
"C Pitfalls and pitfalls"

# Golang:
"Learing Go" is simple
"The Go programming Language" more detailed
The "Go" promotion

# Javascript:
Javascript, A beginner ' s Guide
"Object-oriented Javascript"

# Python:
Python Pocket Reference for frequent rollover
"Expert Python Programming" Some places are very inspiring.

"In-depth understanding of computer systems" classics, must-read
"Computer composition and design" can be turned over
"Assembly language" Wang cool the best compilation introductory book
"Data Structure" C language version of the classic
Java data structures and algorithms are easier to read
"Debug Hacks Chinese Version" GDB Introductory book
Design mode-the basis of reusable object-oriented software classic
MongoDB, the Definitive guide
The third edition of the introduction to algorithms-Classic books
"Database System Implementation" (2nd Edition)--you want to develop your own database to see
Mastering Regular Expressions (3rd edition)--in-depth understanding and use of regular

Recommend some good computer books (php c MySQL Linux, etc.)

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