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Workplace, such as battlefield, efficient is fighting. As a career person, you must be passionate about your career, you not only do not think that overtime is a chore, even for overtime full of expectations: free air-conditioning, free internet, free dinner ... But over time, you find overtime is not a good job, and to get rid of the pain of overtime, you can use the WPS Mobile version to help.

Mobile office refuses to work overtime

WPS Mobile version of support for the txt/word/excel/ppt and other dozens of format documents, such as the view and edit, so that on their mobile phone or flat on the installation of WPS Mobile version, whenever there is a heavy task and can not be completed during the work, you may commute or travel on the way to run WPS Mobile version, Then work on previously unfinished office tasks, such as the financial budget statement, company contracts, product solutions, etc. can be easily dealt with, thereby rejecting the daily life of the costly overtime.

From the actual experience, the WPS Mobile version when editing Office documents, not only support commonly used text editing, format processing, tables, picture objects and other functions. Add a chart Insert and edit function, this is very helpful to friends who often use forms, such as in financial reports, investment budgets and other forms of processing, only in the "insert" select "Chart", will soon be able to complete a table with chart data documents, intuitive and quick, easy to start, so that the table editor more handy.

As a powerful mobile office software, WPS Mobile version in Mobile can easily handle all office tasks, such as txt/word/excel and other common Office documents can be perfectly read and edited; Pdf/ppt content easy to play, and even through the WiFi direct technology to achieve PPT sharing playback, so that professionals enjoy the office anytime, anywhere fun!

Online Office is so easy

For business travellers who travel frequently, the job may become more efficient if it makes each temporary stopover a second office. And the WPS Mobile version can help them, in addition to the perfect compatibility of all the formats of Office documents, the WPS Mobile version also supports the local and online storage of documents to view and edit. This means that no matter where you are, as long as your mobile phone or tablet can be connected to the Internet, you can achieve Office Online Office, document editing in the Palm easy!

In actual use, after opening the WPS mobile version on the mobile phone or flat panel, hand pointing to the "WPS" icon, select "Jinshan Fast" in the "Open" column, and then extract the Office documents that have been saved in cloud storage.

After you edit the Office document, you can synchronize it to the cloud storage for later use through the Send Fast Disk feature icon. Of course, if you want the first time to send to the customer, you can also through the "Mail" function icon, and then the business document sent to the customer as a message, so that the document attachment instantaneous delivery.

After some experience, you can feel the WPS Mobile version of the powerful business features and excellent ease of use, such as reading Office documents, you can easily enlarge/reduce the page by gesture touch, the content of the page is also fluent. While editing a document, you can insert pictures, tables, comments, bookmarks, and modify the size of text, fonts, and content layout, and so on, to send e-mail attachments online is also convenient, all easy to operate, comparable to the Office Office experience on the PC.

Comments: For professionals, whether on business or on the road, they will choose to take the tablet rather than the heavy notebook, after all, on the tablet loaded WPS Mobile version, with its powerful processing capabilities, easy to complete a variety of formats of Office document editing, to help you finish the work efficiently.

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