Release of Magic Linux 2.5 rc2

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PHPChina news: after some internal tests, although there are still some small problems, but it took too long to release it.

The main component used by rc is kernel + xorg 1.6.5 + kde 4.3.4. The main updates since rc1 are as follows:
Fixed Chinese garbled characters in ntfs partitions.
Fixed the dependency error in the dvd/compatible kernel version.
Fixed the problem where the intel graphics card cannot be correctly displayed.
Fixed the problem that the sound card could not be used normally.
Update cups to 1.3.11 and remove expired cupsddk
Updated to 3.9.10 by using the maid IP address.
Kernel adjusted to
Firefox updated to 3.6
Add magic_win grub installer to facilitate installation from windows Hard Disk
Update Qt to 4.6.0
Rewrite the qsopcast network TV Program
Replace lynx with w3m + w3m-img
Update KDE4 to 4.3.4. Use the release mode to recompile and enable-final.
Remove plasma marble desktop wallpaper support
Replace kdebluetooth with more functions.
Okular md5sum-based document annotation Association
Gwenview supports opening svgz Images
Remove kdessh that has been abandoned by the upstream
Add the lrcShow-X dynamic lyrics display and editing program
Remove unsuitable konqueror browsers (rekonq may be added in the future), but keep the khtml setting module
Remove uncommonly used network services and default scripts from amarok
Konversation uses UTF-8 encoding by default and sets the default Channel
Changed the konversation rollback code to GB18030.
Remove kde wallet tools and kwallet background services
Replace polkit-qt with polkit-qt-1
Corrected wine Chinese Character box
Replace gparted with kde-partitionmanager
Fixed the fcitx candidate word box issue in qt4.6 and updated the kcm configuration module.
Remove xine-lib and win32 codec. phonon uses the mplayer backend by default.
Added ape format support for phonon-gstreamer/phonon-mplayer.
Corrected the compatibility between pyqt and the new version of sip APIs.
Add the download tool aMule (with DLP patch) and multiget (support for thunder, flashget, and QQ tornado links)
Remove qt4 assistant because no documentation is included
Add the plugin to facilitate media playback on the firefox webpage.
Disable cce for the first time. Use magic for the graphic interface to start the wizard for the first time and configure the network.
Add a simple and practical network configuration applet netmanager
By default, the button is displayed on the upper-level toolbar and the right-click menu is displayed.
Gwenview displays buttons to the upper-level and zoom toolbar by default.
Add the enhancement components smooth-tasks and daisy to the plasma taskbar
Modify K menu default favorites and icons

For more updates, see the attached documents.

CD (KDE4 ):
CD (compatible with the kernel, KDE4 ):
CD (KDE3 ):

Because gnome/xfce does not change much, rc2 does not have gnome/xfce and dvd versions.

For the bug report, go to the feedback post on the forum.

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