Remote Desktop Client for Symbian OS/Maemo/Android/IOS (Remote Desktop mstsc for Android)

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Remote Desktop Client for Symbian OS/Maemo/Android/IOS

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Recently we started N900, so we started to make a variety of changes ..
I recommended some software and N900 methods to learn from several wireless hackers.
For details, see:
Http: //
There is also an article about the establishment of the penetration environment ..)
Xiao Liang's silly guy lives with me. He's an IPHONE, and before he does not start n900, It's all sorts of display. xiaobian wants to stamp his chrysanthemum every time! /Jzk
By accident, we found that everything we connect to PC 3389 is similar.

Ios: iRdesktop
Maemo: RDesktop
Android: Xtralogic
Symbian OS: SymRdp

What are the patterns of discovery?
Symbian OS: SymRdp
I searched this software from Baidu, and it seems that there are not many people using it.
Milk this powerful software of course is to vote drops, but we are poor and lustful of the Child paper to do it, then search for the cracked version of the good ..
One of the Saipan forums was installed by myself:
Http: //
Everything is written here. The Chinese version will use the Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc) that comes with Windows.
Too many introductions are not required.

Maemo: Rdesktop
Add the source, search for Rdesktop from the source, and install it.
For details about how to add a source, see:
Http: //

Android: Xtralogic
It is said to be quite good. Since I have never touched Xtralogic myself, I would like to introduce you to Baidu/Google.
The installation can be directly installed from the peas folder, free of charge and the English is said... but I just searched for it, there are still some Chinese versions on the Internet ..
Or that sentence, please do it yourself./zhx

Ios: iRdesktop
They are all stolen from Xiao Liang ..
The software is free of charge in iTunes, that is, it is a bird's language, but it is not too bad to play with the computer's bird language ..
For more information, see the brilliant article: Http: //

Over, BlackBerry, the trojan system does not know... meego does not know either ..
People familiar with the matter can contact me.

Author: Ps7isy's Blog title: Remote Desktop Client for Symbian OS/Maemo/Android/IOS


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