Rising released CIQ expert to kill experts refer to the abuse of serious rights of Android

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December 8, rising company released carrier IQ (CIQ) Software Removal Tool (HTTP://CNRDN.COM/KMV4), and the rising mobile phone security software line upgrades to help users protect their privacy. For many days, the security risks that CIQ brings to users have been widely watched on the internet. Rising Company's technical analysis report pointed out that the software does collect too much user personal information, if improperly used, it will bring serious security risks. According to foreign media reports, European regulators began to investigate the carrier IQ software suspected infringement of personal privacy behavior.

Rising security experts said that CIQ is a network for analysis of the performance of the system software, is widely used in HTC, Samsung, Apple iphone and other well-known mobile phones, the impact of the system including Android and iOS. Through technical analysis, it was found that in addition to the normal Network information collection, the software collects information that is not relevant to the network, including the type of device, available memory and battery, the type of software in the device, the location of the device, the key information of the device user, the history of the use of the equipment, etc. IQ Company's servers.

Rising experts pointed out that the current Android phone's personal information collection and abuse is very common, CIQ is only one example. For example, a lot of simple Android software, in the installation of the need to obtain access to the network, SMS permissions, which may be the abuse of personal information. For this scenario, users can view the permissions of each program in the Android phone's set-application-management application, and should uninstall it immediately if they find that the program has improperly collected user information.

According to the introduction, the current CIQ software in the domestic mobile phone is not seen, currently visible to the affected users, mostly from the online purchase of European and American parallel mobile phones, such as the parallel iphone, or brush the European and American version of the Rom Android smartphone. Its impact on the number of mobile phones is not authoritative statistics, according to the current sales of parallel mobile phones, may be in millions of units.

But rising security experts also said the software, although it collects a lot of personal information, does not position the information on everyone, thus greatly reducing the immediate danger. Moreover, the software mobile phone is a number of secondary information, if not with other information to prove, can not know the specific data of mobile phone users. For example, address location information, the software can only know "a certain IME number of mobile phone time in which latitude and longitude", unless further processing, otherwise do not know is "Wang Xiaoming 12 o'clock in the morning in front of the Qianmen Roast Duck restaurant."

Rising mobile phone security software has been upgraded, version number 1.00.36 above the software can completely clear the CIQ program. At the same time, users can also use the rising CIQ special kill to scan and clear their mobile phone carrier IQ program.

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