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1. More laughter, less troubles, and wider-minded
2. Eight-point full, multi-vegetarian, reasonable diet
3. Do not smoke, drink, exercise, and work-and-rest
4. Do not drink water after meals, do not eat fruit, 15 minutes before meals, you can drink water, eat fruit
5. Drink less canned drinks, less fried food, less smoked and barbecue food, and less pickled food
6. Don't eat chicken ass, don't eat freshly baked bread, don't eat bad food, don't eat tomatoes on an empty stomach
7. Get a cup of water in the morning, don't eat for three hours before going to bed, eat less supper
8. Warm bottle water cannot be boiled again before drinking
9. Eat well in the morning, eat well at noon, eat less at night
10. regular health check to maintain reasonable living rules and maintain normal weight
11. Eat more fresh vegetarian dishes and fruits, eat more high-fiber five grains, Soy food, eat at least two times a week, the best salted water fish
12. aflatoxin and nitrite in food can cause cancer
13. Food is too rough and simple. Insufficient nutrition will lead to gastric cancer and Esophageal Cancer
14. Food is too fine, lacks fiber, and contains a large amount of fat, especially cholesterol, which may lead to gastric cancer.
15. Eating betel nut may cause Oral fibrosis and oral cancer
16. The major diseases that smoking can cause are lung cancer, lip cancer, esophageal cancer, and bladder cancer.
17. Women do not drink tea during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, and menopause
18. Take capsule drugs with cold boiled water, take the medicine before going to bed, do not fall asleep immediately should fall asleep after 30 minutes
19. Do not drink more than two coffee cups a day.
20. Less mobile phones and more mobile phones
21. Adequate sleep, difficult to get old with nap habits
22. Do not eat eggs or sugar when drinking soy milk
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