Scripting MySQL master-slave replication status monitoring

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actual production case: monitoringMysqlMaster-Slave synchronization is abnormal, if the exception, send SMS or mail to the administrator. Tip: If there is no master-slave synchronization environment,The following text can be placed in the file to be read to simulate:
Stage1: Develop a daemon script for each -The second implementation is detected once.
Stage2: If the synchronization appears with the following error number (1158,1159,1008,1007,1062), the error is skipped.
Stage3: Use array technology to implement the above script (get master-slave judgment and Error number section)



# NO1 Define Variables

array= (1158 1159 1008 1007 1062)

date=$ (Date +%f)

Mysql_cmd= "Mysql-uroot-poldboy123-s/data/3307/mysql.sock-e"

ip=$ (Ifconfig eth2|awk-f "[:]+" ' Nr==2{print $4} ')


# No2 Daemon for monitor MySQL replication

While True


# SKIP Error num 1158 1159 1008 1007 1062

error_num=$ (${mysql_cmd} "show slave Status\g" |grep "Last_sql_errno" |awk ' {print $NF} ')

For n in${array[@]}


If [$Error _num-eq $n];then

${mysql_cmd} "Stop Slave;set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1;startslave;"



# No3 Check MySQL replication Status

Mysql_status= ($ ($Mysql _cmd "show slave Status\g" |egrep "_running|_behind_master" |awk ' {print $NF} '))


For n in${mysql_status[@]}


If ["$n"! = "Yes"-a "$n"! = "0"];then




# No4 Mail to System Manager

If [$Flag-ne 0];then

echo "[$Date] there is $Flag problems on MySQL slave. IP: $IPPort: $Port ">>/tmp/slave.log

Tail-1/tmp/slave.log|mail-s "Slave Warning" [email protected]

Sleep 300


echo "Mysqlslave is OK"


# No5 complete!

Sleep 30


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Scripting MySQL master-slave replication status monitoring

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