Set process priority in ORACLE

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ORACLE sets the process priority in the operating system. We can use the renice command to set the process priority so that the process can obtain the CPU time slice first. In ORACLE, the parameter _ high_priority_processes can also be used to set the priority of a process. Generally, we may add the LGWR process to this parameter. In my RAC test environment, this parameter adds the LMS process. SQL> SELECT x. ksppinm NAME, y. ksppstvl VALUE, x. ksppdesc describ 2 FROM x $ ksppi x, x $ ksppcv y 3 WHERE x. inst_id = USERENV ('instance') 4 AND y. inst_id = USERENV ('instance') 5 AND x. indx = y. indx 6 AND x. ksppinm LIKE '% _ high_priority_processes %' 7/name value describ ------------------------------ ---------- partition _ high_priority_processes LMS * High Priority Process Name Mas K if the LMS process does not obtain the CPU time slice for a long time, split-brain may occur. If the CPU time slice is obtained first, the probability of split-brain can be reduced. If you need to set multiple processes for, use | to separate multiple processes. * Indicates a wildcard. SQL> alter system set "_ high_priority_processes" = 'lms * | LGWR | PMON 'scope = spfile; System altered. SQL> startup force nomountORA-32004: obsolete and/or deprecated parameter (s) specifiedORACLE instance started. total System Global Area 1.0737E + 10 bytesFixed Size 2101912 bytesVariable Size 1.0586E + 10 bytesDatabase Buffers 134217728 bytesRedo Buffers 14671872 bytesSQL> show parameter _ partition name type Limit VALUE limit _ limit stringLMS * | LGWR | PMONSQL> set linesize 100SQL >_high_priority_processesSP2-0734: unknown command beginning "_ high_prio... "-rest of line ignored. SQL> show parameter _ high_priority_processes NAME TYPE VALUE -------------------------------------------------- _ high_priority_processes string LMS * | LGWR | PMON

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