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Some of the styles for IOS UITableView and UITableViewCell are detailed

Today to share is a very high usage in iOS development of a control-------UITableView, these two days are using TableView to do the display of information, in writing code TableView and Tableviewcell of several styles have been unclear, Today, I studied it in detail and share with you the following:

One, the system own UITableView style has two kinds:


The plain style is square, full of the view.frame coordinates you give.


The grouped style is mainly displayed in rounded corners. Similar to the iphone's own Address book editing page.

Two, the system own UITableViewCell style has four kinds:


Default Style: The left one shows a picture of the ImageView, a title Textlabel, no Detailtextlabel.


Subtitle Style: The left one shows a picture of the ImageView, the top one the main title Textlabel, a subtitle detailtextlabel. The main title font is large and black, and the subtitle font is smaller below the main heading.


Value1 Style: The left one shows the picture's ImageView, the left one main title Textlabel, the right one subtitle Detailtextlabel, the main title font is relatively black.


Value2 Style: The left one main title Textlabel font is small, next to the right one subtitle Detailtextlabel, font large and black.

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