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There are two reasons for the formation of bellies:
1. Because I am engaged in the IT industry, I often sit in the office. After sitting for a long time, the blood flow in the abdomen and waist is poor. Blood is accumulated in these locations
As a result, the secretion of subcutaneous tissue is reduced. Slowly formed a "fat ".
2. It is related to diet. Breakfast, overeating, and ELE. Me are not eaten in the morning. In this way, it is easy to grow fat, because don't eat in the morning, it is late
It's very hungry. Then, while sleeping, the food was not digested and left in the stomach. It is easy to grow fat at night. Overeating
Your stomach is too large. Ele. Me eating will seriously affect the digestion function of the stomach. Serious problems may lead to gastroenteritis and gastrology.

Eliminate bellies:
After knowing the above reasons, you will probably know how to do it.
1. Irregular exercise, such as: sit-ups, push-ups, jogging, fast walking, crowded bus (not a normal exercise), cycling to work,
Get off at two sites in advance, go to the company on two sites, and play badminton.
2. eat on time, make sure you have enough time (not enough), and you can get 7 to 8 minutes full. Don't make too much effort. After dinner, stand up or walk around for 5-20 minutes.
Do not go to bed after dinner, which reduces the amount of stomach secretions and affects digestion. Do not sit down immediately.CodeChat and watch news.
Many people also like to eat while watching the news, which will reduce the impact of secretions on your digestive function.

The right practice of sit-ups: http://video.sina.com.cn/v/ B /28287652-1659812627.html
Do sit-ups, the front can not use both hands or neck, this will compress the cervical spine nerves, it is easy to hurt.

Health care:
1. Get up and have a cup of water in the morning, preferably warm water or warm saline.
2. Breakfast is between 7.30-10 minutes. You must have an egg for breakfast.
If you want to eat breakfast at 10 o'clock late, it is better to eat it than not.
3. lunch and a spoonful of vinegar, 2 small mouths (one mouthful ). Do a Good Job of white vinegar and rice vinegar. Do not add any preservatives or flavors.
4. A small cup of liquor for dinner. (I think this article is suitable for older people.) Dinner should be between 5.30 and 7.30, and four hours before going to bed.
5. A cup of milk before going to bed.

Others: go to bed early and get up early. It is best to go to bed at. At this time, the liver is detoxified, and there are many such problems in the jar.

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