Shell Display with color font

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Format: echo "/033[word background color; font color m string/033[control code"
If you simply display the font color can be fixed control code bit 0m.
Format: echo "/033[word background color; font Color m string/033[0m"

Word background color range: 40-49

 + : Black  A : Crimson  the : Green  + : Yellow  - : Blue  $ : Purple  $ : Dark green A: White

Word Color: 30-39

 - : Black  to : Red  + : Green  - : Yellow  the : Blue  * : Purple  $ : Dark green Panax Notoginseng: White

ANSI Control code

\ -[0m close all properties \ -[01m set high brightness \ -[04m underline \ -[05m blinking \ -[07m reverse display \ -[08m blanking \ -[30m--\ -[37m set foreground color \ -[40m--\ -[47m set background color \ -[NA cursor moves up n rows \ -[NB cursor moves down n lines \ -[NC cursor shifts right n rows \ -[ND cursor moves left n rows \ -[y;xh set cursor position \ -[2J clear screen \ -[K clears the contents from the cursor to the end of the line \ -[s save cursor position \ -[u restore cursor position \ -[?25lHide cursor \ -[? 25h display cursor

For example:

" \033[31m \033[05m Please confirm your operation, enter [y/n] \033[0m""\033[31m \033[05m Please confirm your operation, enter [y/ N] \033[0m"

Shell Display with color font

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