Shell Programming Examples

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organized a few shell programming examples, for beginners! 1. InThe home directory creates 100 directories and the directory name is a1......a100. Instance 1 for((i=1; i<= -; i++)) Do    mkdir "/home/a"$i DoneExample 2, you can also write a bit more advanced for((i=1; i<= -; i++)) Do    if[!-E"/home/a"$i] Then            mkdir "/home/a"$iElse        Echo "/home/a"$i"exist!"    fi   Done2. Write a script that automatically packages all files less than 5KB in the home directory into XX.Tar. Gz. (Hint: with LS,grep, find and other commands, files generally refer to ordinary files) find implementationFind./-type F-size +5120c |Xargs Tar-CZVF xx.Tar. GZls, grep implementsls-L |grep^- |awk '{if ($5<5120) print $9}'|Xargs Tar-czfTar. GZ3. Write a program that takes the first column of/et/passwd out, and each column is a line of string "the1Account is "root" to show #!/bin/Bashi=1 whileRead Line Doname=`Echo$line |Cut-D":"-F1 'Echo " the"$i" Account is"$name i=$ ((i+1)) Done</etc/passwdOne command is enough to take the first line.Cat/etc/passwd|Cut-D":"-F14. Write a program whose role is to look at/root/test/firstlogical the name exists, and if it does not exist, create a file. Use touch to create, leave after creation is complete, and if present, determine if the name is a file, and if it is deleted, create a new directory. The file name is Loglical, then left, and if present, and the name is directory, delete the directory. #!/bin/Bashif[-E"/root/work/logical" ] Then    if[-F"/root/work/logical" ]     Then         RM "/root/work/logical"         mkdir "/root/work/logical"     elif[-D"/root/work/logical"  ]     Then            RM-rf"/root/work/logical"    fi  Else    Touch "/root/work/logical" fi    5. Write a shell script that reads 10 numbers from the keyboard, showing the maximum and minimum values. Comparison of the difficulty integers and the distinction of string comparators min=0Max=0; var=0 for((i=0;i<Ten; i++)) Doread Varif[$i = =0 ]      Thenmin=$var; Max=$var; Else        if[$min-GT $var] Thenmin=$var; fi          if[$max-LT $var] Thenmax=$var; fi      fi;  DoneEcho$maxEcho$min6. Write a script that prints any number of multiplication tables. Print If you enter 31*1=1  2*1=2 2*2=4  3*1=3 3*2=6 3*3=9Difficulty:Echonon-newline output var=0read var; for((i=1; i<=var;i++)) Do     for((j=1; j<=i;j++))     Do          Echo-ne"$i * $j ="$ ((i*j))" "     Done    Echo-ne"\ n" Done                                                                                                          7write a script, enter your own birthday time (YYYYMMDD), and calculate how many days and hours are your birthdays. The operation of time is usually achieved by time stamp.

Shell Programming Examples

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