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At present, most enterprise-level IOS applications mainly rely on reports and document approval, and the development trend of applications is bound to develop towards the Web. Although native apps have incomparable flexibility.

How to localize a web page on iOS?

1. Write an native app and embed webbroswer

2. Open the application in a browser and "add it to the home screen", so that you do not need to enter the URL next time.


Obviously, method 2 is the most flexible and convenient method. In this way, we can expand and integrate multiple application portals into one page, and then create a uniform desktop portal for this page.

Web-based development is much more efficient than native app development, and can be used across platforms to display your talents at will.


The focus of this article is: "add to main screen" How to customize icons? And open the Safari browser to hide the address bar by default?

Q: How do I customize the "add to home screen" icon?

One code: Add the following code to the URL address page.

<LINK rel = "apple-touch-icon" href = "/content/apple-touch-icon.png"/>

Href is your icon file.


Q: Open safari to hide the address bar by default?

Get the same code:

<Meta name = "apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content = "yes"/> <meta name = "apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style "content =" black "/>

However, it is said that sometimes the effect cannot be achieved, but I have tested it on ipad2.


Such a perfect web app will be localized to your local file. The following things are much simpler and the Web will be used by you.

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