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Simple projects hold a tangled heart. Many times, when we get a project, we always work hard, regardless of the source details. in the days that follow, you do not know when to start. many times, every time we get a project, we always work hard, but no matter the details of the future, you do not know when to start in the following days, this project is quite painful. when you have an epiphany, it shows that the future programming path is still shapable, but not so simple. but if you are still confused, as always, this reckless development will not be able to see your growth. sorry, you will soon be phased out and become a so-called "code farmer ".

In fact, this is my real experience. some time ago, I switched to a new company, and I just needed a colleague to complete a complicated enterprise website, in the case that both the backend and the database are complete, it took seven days to complete the work. two people, seven days. I didn't say anything at the time. after all, I was new, and it was difficult to assure my boss too much. That colleague is really funny. I respect him as an old employee. although he is about the same age as me, he may be a little older than me, but every time he installs it, he looks very cool in front of me, sometimes I don't want to worry about it or do my own thing well. I spent two days in the world and reorganized the background. he started to explain some common call methods in the previous section. as a result, Nima got a class file, A database connection File (using the php language) and a public function library file are still directly obtained from the internet. There is also a definition of phpmywind, can we clean these things when we use them? because the database we use is sql2000, these class libraries are also messed up by him, and all kinds of data are dizzy. okay, I recognize it. modify it. In fact, I want to correct him. after all, I have made some projects, and I still know the general project process and general precautions. I want to forget it later, every time he says something to him, he looks like a cool. He also said that it's not good if you just change it. this is a simple question, if you have any problems, you can solve them .. I was speechless. It took him seven days to talk about such a project.

In fact, sometimes we don't need any rich project experience. we don't need any cool technology. it may be better if we think about it more and ask ourselves more when developing a project, try more and further consider it. Sometimes a good partner is also very important, and a good partner will get twice the result with half the effort. Come on, come on!

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